The Who’s Who Of Neighbours Characters

Been a while since you watched Neighbours? Here is a breakdown of who everyone is, so that jumping back into the show doesn’t feel like Paul Robinson’s love life – one big rollercoaster ride!

Number 32: The Tanaka Household

Residing at the Tanaka household are David Tanaka, Aaron Brennan, baby Isla, Nicolette Stone, and her mother, the one and only ‘Plain’ Jane Harris.

David is one of Paul Robinson’s (many) children. He’s a doctor at the Erinsborough Hospital and married Aaron in the first same-sex wedding shown on Australian TV, back in 2018.

Enter Nicolette. She arrived in Erinsborough in 2020, she was soon hired as a live-in nurse for Aaron’s ill mother, who was staying with his sister Chloe at number 24.

Drama ensued when Nicolette admitted her feelings to a married Chloe, so she moved in with the boys, and offered to become the egg donor and surrogate for their child.

Their journey to parenthood was tumultuous, as lies and betrayal saw Nicolette doing a runner a few days before baby Isla was born. Paul tracked her down and paid her a hefty sum to return the baby and never turn up to Erinsborough again. But she’s back, and all is forgiven. Her mother Jane moved in recently and acts like a great buffer when co-parenting issues arise.

Number 30: The Rebecchi Household

An OG character known for his famous mullet, Toadie Rebecchi currently resides at number 30, now with a more subdue hairstyle. Living with him is daughter Nell, who he shares with his late wife Sonia, and son Hugo, who was an unexpected result of an affair with his first wife Dee’s evil, manipulative sister, Andrea.

Also staying at number 30 is Toadie’s girlfriend Melanie Pearson (who you might remember from the ‘80s as Joe Mangel’s wife) and Mackenzie Hargraves. Mackenzie arrived in Erinsborough back in 2019 to live with her aunt, but also had a secret connection to Toadie’s brother, Shane. When her aunt relocated to WA, Mackenzie stayed and moved in with the Rebecchi clan. She now works at Toadie’s law firm and is currently dating Hendrix Greyson.

If this household doesn’t sound chaotic enough, cue Amy Greenwood and her daughter, Zara. You may remember Amy back when she was a teenager, who had an on-and-off relationship with Lance Wilkinson. She returned to Erinsborough last year and got involved in a polygamous relationship with Ned Willis and Levi Canning. Levi ended his involvement with Amy after her daughter Zara recently rocked up and tried to cause trouble between them.

The pair have just moved in with Toadie, much to Zara's displeasure, to save money while Amy starts up her new business.

Number 28 – The Kennedy Household

After years of marriage, affairs, break ups and make ups, you’ll be happy to know that Karl and Susan Kennedy are still going strong! They continue to provide support for their family and friends, especially the younger generation.

Living in the house with the Kennedy’s is Hendrix Greyson. He arrived in Erinsborough when his dad Pierce was dating Chloe Brennan. Oozing with teen angst, Hendrix found himself in strife more times than not. When Pierce and Chloe’s marriage ended, Pierce moved back to Sydney, and Hendrix moved into number 28. These days, he works at Harold’s Café, is dating Mackenzie, and has put his bad boy days behind him.


Number 26 – The Canning Household

Sheila Canning runs this household, and is known as the ultimate gossipy grandmother who runs The Waterhole bar. There isn’t a secret or drama she doesn’t know about!

Living with Sheila are her grandsons Levi and Kyle. Levi is the gorgeous Constable who is a stickler for the rules and very easy on the eye. Since his relationship with Amy went south, he’s had his eye on the mysterious Freya, who’s only just arrived in Erinsborough and is sure to cause a stir.

Kyle was once married to a gal name Georgia, and moved back to Erinsborough when they got divorced. He’s currently recovering from testicular cancer and has gotten hitched for the second time to the gorgeous pocket rocket, Roxy Willis. Roxy now lives at number 26 with the Cannings and the two are currently soaking up marital bliss – when Roxy isn’t sussing out newbie Freya, that is.

Number 24 – The Brennan Household

Currently, Chloe Brennan is ridin’ solo at number 24. She works alongside Paul Robinson and Terese Willis at Lassiters Hotel and was once married to Pierce Greyson. However, things ended after Pierce’s messy affair with Dipi Rebecchi was exposed.

Chloe then began a relationship with Nicolette, and they even got engaged, but when Nicolette thought Chloe was cheating on her, she broke it off. Chloe is keen to get their relationship back on track, but Nicolette is firmly keeping her in the friendzone.

Number 22 – The Willis Household

Terese Willis, her ex-stepson Ned Willis, and Paul’s brother Glen currently live at number 22. Terese manages Lassiters with Paul, her husband, who she has recently separated from.

Ned is an experienced artist who loves to show his feelings through his actions, which sometimes gets him in a bit of trouble. He's been dating Amy for a while now, but the arrival of her daughter Zara has caused a strain in their relationship.

 Glen has only recently returned to Erinsborough after years of absence. He has a rocky relationship with his brother Paul, which is only fueled by the fact that he's also developed feelings for Terese. Awkward!

The Penthouse

Normally, Paul and Harlow Robinson reside at number 22. However, the grandfather-granddaughter duo moved into Paul’s penthouse after his separation with Terese.

Harlow is the surprise daughter of Paul’s son, Robert, who is currently in jail. She was born and raised in the UK to an English mother and came to Erinsborough to find the father she never knew.

After moving to Australia, she formed a relationship with Hendrix. His bad boy ways caused their romance to fizzle out, and now she’s living her best single life, working at the hotel, and doing everything she can to get her grandparents back together.

Also living at the penthouse is Paul’s son and David’s twin brother, Leo. He only recently moved in after losing Britney, his daughter Abigail’s mother. He has been struggling to cope with the loss, while trying to juggle fatherhood and run The Winery.

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