Saskia's new project

We catch up with Saskia Hampele to hear what she’s been up to post-Neighbours

How are you enjoying life in LA?


LA is crazy. It’s fun. I’m hanging out with a lot of the old Neighbours cast; Ashleigh Brewer, you might know her from The Bold and the Beautiful - and Harley Bonner (Josh Willis), who’s still alive! I can walk to all of my ‘Neighbours’ houses from my house, I’ve got a little Neighbours posse happening in LA.

Do you get recognised in the US as Georgia at all?

Maybe if there are some English or Irish around… There is a guy that goes to my gym who was on Downton Abbey, which is a hugely famous show. I didn’t know who he was, but he recognised me from Neighbours.

What was it like returning for the hotel explosion storyline? 

It was really weird because I actually filmed my scenes three or four months before they shot the explosion part. So I didn’t even know there was an explosion! All I knew was that Kyle and Georgia were going to live happily ever after – that’s all I was told. It was great though, really nice to see everyone.

Tell us about your new project, Gift Box 

Gift Box is an initiative that I dreamed up which is all about creating a socially conscious product that gives a box of sanitary products to women who are homeless or can’t afford sanitary care for every box that is purchased in store. We are launching in Australia, where there are eighty five thousand women each year who struggle to access sanitary products. So I would like to start at home then move it more globally, because it’s a big issue for women worldwide.

What prompted you to launch a Kickstarter campaign? 

Without peoples support on Kickstarter, it would be impossible for us to be able to ship the minimum amount of the product, and secondly, running a campaign like this raises a lot of awareness for the issue.

How can readers help? 

So you can either donate - every donation will result in sanitary products being directly given to women in need. Or, you can jump on and pre-purchase the product – and receive a little gift box of your own, which will also result in another gift box being donated to women in need. One for One.

What’s next for Saskia? 

Well I shot a film last year in WA, which I have just found out is coming out in October. It’s called ‘A Few Less Men’ , it’s a comedy and I can’t wait for everyone to see it.

You can follow Saskia on her Instagram page and find out more about Gift Box here