Neighbours | A History Of Forbidden Kisses On Ramsay Street

Bad Gal Roxy did a bad, bad thang. She’s mortified because she kissed her good mate and co-worker Shane, who is happily married to Dipi.

But she’s not the first person on Ramsay Street to hook up with someone they weren’t supposed to, and she certainly won’t be the last.

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He may be faithful to Susan nowadays, but Karl was notorious for being a serial cheater in the past. He once shared a kiss with Kate, a patient he was treating with an incurable disease, and who could forget his intense affair with much younger receptionist/ friend of Susan’s, Sarah Beaumont.

He and Susan were also on a break for a whole five minutes when he started fraternising with Izzy Hoyland, so that didn’t technically make him a cheater in that instance… or did it? (See Friends)

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While her childhood sweetheart may have broken her heart a few times, Susan is no stranger to being caught in her own love triangle. Back in 2011 – when she and Karl were back on again - she became emotionally involved with a man called Jim, who was diagnosed with a terminal illness. She tried to palm off Karl’s initial concerns about their friendship, but they eventually kissed, and Karl witnessed the whole thing.

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Paul Robinson has had SIX wives, and he’s cheated on at least half of them.

When Paul suffered a nervous breakdown while married to Christina Alessi, he cheated on her with her twin sister, Caroline. And look, we can probably forgive him for that, ‘cause of the whole identical thing, but he also snogged Rosetta Cammeniti in the lead up to his nuptials with Lyn Scully AND had sex with a woman called Diana Marshall when he was married to Rebecca.

Keep it in your pants, man!


Roxy’s very own Aunty T isn’t so innocent herself, having slept with Paul while she was in a relationship with Gary.

Also, look, the whole secret fling with Leo while Paul was desperately trying to reconcile with her, and then running back to Paul a mere few days after ending things with Leo, probably wasn’t one of her finest moments, either.

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Up there with one of the worst cheating moments in Neighbours history was when the late Sonia Rebecchi caught her husband Toadie having sex with that fake Dee/Andrea woman– who then became pregnant with his child. Although baby Hugo is super cute, he’s a constant reminder of Toadie’s infidelity.


Way before the whole Scarlett saga kicked off and Ned was living with his estranged father Brad, he developed a huge crush on Brad’s partner Lauren, and ended up kissing her. His feelings lingered for so long that he had to move back to Erinsborough just to get away from her!

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Chloe had a crush on her brother Mark’s girlfriend Elly for ages, and after a few glasses of rosé over a D&M, she leaned in for a kiss. Things were super awkward for a while, but that didn’t stop them from eventually sleeping together. A guilt-stricken Elly broke down and confessed the whole affair at her wedding to Mark, and their relationship never fully recovered.

See, Roxy? You had a slip of the tongue, but it happens to the best of people. It might be wise to hang low until the next neighbourhood drama unfolds, and then everyone will forget all about your little slip up.

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