Gail Easdale (Stefan Dennis' wife) joins Neighbours

There is one person Neighbours icon Stefan Dennis doesn’t mind sharing the screen with and that is his real life wife Gail Easdale who debuts in Neighbours in a guest role next month (January 12).

Unlike his many on-screen wives, Gail and Stefan have been blissfully married for nearly two decades. Gail’s role as Paul’s business nemeses Julie Quill, the new owner of Lassiters, marks her return to acting after a hiatus to raise their three children.

“The children are older now and a little more independent so when the opportunity came up, it felt right,” said Gail who was born in Glasgow and met Stefan when performing in a play in 1991.

Stefan Dennis Wife 3

How did you feel when you heard you had the role of Julie Quill?

I had actually auditioned for another role last year which I didn’t get so this sort of came out of the blue, even Stefan didn’t know, so it was very exciting.  After we sorted out the logistics of juggling school age children, it was great to really get into the role.

When you are in a scene together, is he still your husband Stefan?

Yes and no. I do read his lines with him so I feel like I know Paul really well after reading nearly every scene with him at night so I’ve seen his journey he is going through.  While he doesn’t have that caring, loving look in his eye when we’re on set, I can see through him.

Julie Quill is a very tough character, what it difficult to play her?

She is a hard nut but she also has a softer side because she has worked hard and she appreciates others that put in the effort.  She’s had to push through and make her mark in a male dominated environment, apart of me really admires her.

How hard is it to be tough on Paul aka your husband?

Paul is such a great character to play against; he gives you so much that it’s very easy just to hate him.  It is so different to how it is at home, thank God, which makes it so interesting and fun.

Would you like to act more now that you’ve had a taste of it again?

It’s not something I had thought about for a while because my life is so full, however you start doing it again and the creative juices start flowing, it’s hard not to get hooked on it again.

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