Erinsborough says goodbye to Kate Ramsay

Each week Sheila Canning gives her rundown on the latest happenings in Erinsborough.

Kate Ramsay was shot dead this week. I’m sorry to be so blunt but there’s really no other way I can soften the blow. It’s pointless mincing my words on this one because it’s as simple and as shocking as that. To say that Paul and Brennan are grieving would be an understatement. The two are catatonic. And I don’t blame them. To be honest we’re all pretty devastated. I’m no spring chicken. I’ve been around long enough to have experienced my fair share of deaths. But there is something different when it’s somebody so young and it’s done intentionally. Illness is one thing but murder is another. I’m still struggling to grapple with it. I will miss her. We all will. Ramsay Street won’t ever be the same.

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As to be expected, everybody is dealing with the loss in their own way. Paul’s gone and taken up a vendetta against poor Brennan. As if losing the love of his life isn’t already punishment enough. If I’m being completely honest, I think Paul’s lost the plot a little bit. I don’t see how blaming Mark is going to solve anything. But as I said, everyone handles grief differently and really, who am I to judge how he chooses to process his?

Sheilas recap

Imogen and Susan thought it would be a good idea to hold a memorial service for Kate. The whole thing caused quite a stir and in the end they held it at the school. Which I suppose makes sense.

In the midst of all the shock and trauma, life goes on.

That Dane has gone and landed himself in hot water over in Thailand. Poor Kyle’s had to fly out to assist with his legals. Like the boy doesn’t already have enough on his plate. But as I always say, boys will be boys…well, perhaps it’s more that Dane will be Dane. He is a canning after all…

If there’s anything remotely positive to report on this week, I suppose the only good thing that’s happened is the arrival of Brad’s father, Doug. I’m not especially close with the Willises, but I have heard a lot about Doug, particularly old stories from back in the day. I was definitely eager to meet the man who’d created such a fine young man in Brad. When I finally did meet him, he was as lovely and good-humoured as I’d imagined. Terese has been even more prickly of late and having Doug around certainly doesn’t seem to have eased the tension. Who knows, perhaps Brad has Doug himself into a bit of a hole by having his father in town? Do you see what I did there? Ok. I’ll just leave it at that. Until next week!

Sheilas recap