5 Theories On Who Dies At Kyle & Roxy’s Wedding On Neighbours

It wouldn’t be a Neighbours wedding if disaster didn’t strike!

After a picture-perfect wedding that almost didn’t go ahead, a wild night of weather has wreaked havoc on Kyle and Roxy’s special day. And thanks to a special sneak peek, we know that a life is tragically lost. There’s a casket, tears, and significant heartbreak.

So, who do we think has died? Let’s speculate below:


During the sneak peek of Monday’s shocking episode, we hear Kyle frantically calling out for his new wife after a pole smashes into the Flamingo Bar. And, it wouldn’t be the first time this Aussie drama has killed off a new bride (well, kinda. Looking at you, Fake Dee/Andrea).

Here’s hoping that this isn’t the case, as Roxy has come a long way since her wild child days and questionable choice in men. Plus, Kyle has been through enough – the murder of his father, his recent cancer diagnosis. He can’t lose his wife too. They need to have a happy ending!


He’s survived cancer, a plane crash caused by his psychotic son, an accident that left him with a leg amputation, being throw off the Lassiter’s balcony, plus multiple extra-marital affairs, just to name a few. However, in the sneak peek of Monday’s episode, we see that Paul has been severely injured by the storm, and Terese is crying at the funeral.

Has his stroke of luck finally run out?

Roxy’s Mum, Gemma

Gemma made her qualms known about the whole wedding situation when she arrived in Erinsborough and admitted that she didn’t come to attend the wedding, but to stop it from going ahead. Rude!

After Mama Jugs, aka Sheila Canning, gave Gemma a stern talking to, she eventually came around to the idea of her daughter getting married. However, could the universe have found a way to punish her for trying to ruin her daughter’s day? Sounds pretty intense, but stranger things have happened.


Judging by the small amount of people who attended the funeral, it seems that the person who passed may not have been someone well known in the community. Then again, we also don’t know if there were loads of other casualties stuck in hospital who were unable to attend.

What we do know is that there is a shot of Paul crying in the trailer, which leads us to the possibility that maybe Glen was the one who died.

Glen didn’t continue to the Flamingo Bar – presumably to go back to his hotel and get down n' dirty with Kyle’s mum Shazza - but perhaps he had a change of heart at the last minute and was on his way back to the party to chat to a rather disgruntled Terese. What if he got there at the wrong possible time? It would also explain Paul’s anguish, as he was only just starting to build a relationship with his estranged brother.


Yes, a shocking prediction. But hear us out.

Hendrix was heaps loose at the wedding after smashing a few too many pints of beer, so could it be that he didn’t have the capacity to escape after the Flamingo Bar collapsed?

Also, in a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it shot of the Neighbours 2022 trailer, you can see Chloe giving a speech at the funeral. Chloe and Hendrix have had a long yet complicated relationship throughout the years, but they have managed to maintain a close bond in recent times, even after Chloe divorced Hendrix’ dad, Pierce. It would make sense for Chloe to pay respects to Hendrix if he was the one who died.

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