NCIS: Meet The New Agents

With Dinozzo leaving NCIS in order to focus on the joys of single parenting, Gibbs has been forced to beef up his team with fresh new Special Agents. We take a look at the new recruits to see if they have what it takes to be “Very” Special Agents.

NCIS, season 14, channel ten

Special Agent Alexandra “Alex” Quinn

Played by Blue Bloods’ Jennifer Esposito, Quinn is an NCIS agent who left the field to become an instructor at the Law Enforcement Training Centre. 

Essentially, she trains probies and then sends them out to work for people like Gibbs.

While she’s smart, and good at playing poker, she has a cheeky wit that Gibbs clearly enjoys. You can tell by the way he almost smiles when she says something.

Quinn's Special Agent profile states she was born and raised in New York, which is why she’s so confident and not in the least bit intimidated by Gibbs, who’s rejected all eight of the agents she’s sent to him to try out as Dinozzo’s replacement.
Gibbs doesn’t want any more of her trainees though, he wants Quinn.

NCIS, season 14, channel ten

Special Agent Nick Torres

Played by That 70s Show’s Wilmer Valderrama, Torres shows signs of becoming the team’s very first bad boy.

He’s been deep undercover for almost 10 years – that means hardly seeing your family, not having any real friends, hanging out with serious criminals, constantly being in terrible danger – that’s enough to turn the warmest, friendliest person into a cold, detached lone wolf who doesn’t like taking orders much. Dinozzo was wild, but you gotta admit, he rarely, if ever, defied Gibbs.

Torres' Special Agent profile states he's had no fewer than 16 different identities, 22 home addresses, and he always keeps a candy bar in his pocket because you never know when you might get hungry.

NCIS, season 14, channel ten

M16 Officer Clayton Reeves

Played by British actor Duane Henry, we first met Officer Reeves in the last two eps of season 13 when the case NCIS was working on became an international, multi-agency man hunt.

He must have made quite the impression on Gibbs because he’s going to be joining the team as a regular.

Confident, with a no-nonsense demeanour, he's also charming, with a wicked sense of humour.

To those who don’t believe in life after Dinozzo, give the new blood a shot. Sexy, smart, and armed with a comeback for every occasion, they may just remind you of someone. And wherever he is, we think that Very Special Agent would wholeheartedly approve of his successors.

NCIS Returns Tuesday 7 February on TEN