Kate Bracks

Kate Bracks

Age: 35

State: NSW

Occupation: Mum

Kate Bracks is a mother of three and before embarking on her MasterChef journey, was previously a school teacher.

After deciding to chase her passion for food, she applied for MasterChef Australia Season 3 where she blossomed as a chef and created a number of impressive dishes.

The judges loved all of her dishes, including the Spiced Flounder and Scampi with Curry Sauce, Smoked Trout, Spiced Pumpkin Tortellini with Stuffed Prawns and Ice Cream Sandwich, as well as her deliciously simple Apple Pie and Vanilla Custard.

The dish which changed her life is the famous Retro Coffee Cake with Coffee Butter Cream and Sticky Cinnamon Apples and you can watch Kate make her signature dish here.