I’m A Celebrity 2021: Meet Your Top Seven Celebs

With just seven remaining, one of these celebrities will be crowned the Queen or King of the jungle!

Voting lines are now open and the power is in our hands to vote for our faves who have persevered though more meals of rice and beans than we can count, challenging tucker trials and some very bitey snakes.

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Here are your top seven for 2021:

Abbie Chatfield

Abbie has taken on several tucker trials, but perhaps her most difficult task in the jungle was teaching Dipper the WAP dance. She’s also one of the most daring celebs to ever sneak in half a supermarket shelf within her luxury item (RIP boyfriend pillow Pete!), and proved herself to be an exceptionally powerful psychic.

During the final elimination challenge of the season, Abbie was struck on the hand by a snake that then wrapped itself around her wrist, biting into her. Unflappable, she was able to carry on and ended up securing herself a place in the finale.

Abbie’s Charity: Dementia Australia

Ash Williams

The man with 10,000 jobs, Ash Williams has many names, but will he be adding King of the Jungle to his impressive CV that includes Foot King, tickling video star and, of course, the coffee smuggling champion of 2021.

Facing the massive ejection chairs more times than any other celebrity, Ash fought for his place in the finale having narrowly avoided the swamp of sadness time and time again.

Ash’s Charity: Make-A-Wish Australia

Colin Fassnidge

As soon as Colin walked into camp he was crowned the dad of the green team, a title that hasn’t left him throughout his time in the jungle. Taking many of the celebs under his wing, Colin ran his camp kitchen sternly but lovingly. Teaching the other celebs simple cooking techniques, Colin not only fed the crew night after night but also showed them what it means to be a Commonsense Cook (good book plug).

But it was his uncontrollable giggling during some of the toughest Tucker Trials that really made Colin an absolute joy to watch. Will Colin continue the winning streak for celebrity chefs?

Colin’s Charity: Dementia Australia

Grant Denyer

Sure, winning a Gold Logie is one thing, but being crowned King of the Jungle? That’s one to add to the mantle. It’s been an emotional roller coaster for Grant in the jungle, really bonding with his campmates and opening up to them, he’s allowed the country to see a very different side to the poised TV host.

Grant also had to come face to face with two of his greatest fears when he took on the Viper Room, essentially being buried alive with over 70 snakes, laying in complete darkness as they writhed and wrestled around him. It was a huge moment for Grant, who had suffered from claustrophobia for years. Conquering the pit of snakes, Grant went on to tackle any challenges thrown his way.

Grant’s Charity: The Smith Family

Jess Eva

There’s never a dull moment around Jess. The Block winner and radio host has kept the camp smiling since day one. And whenever someone was having a down day or needed a kind ear to open up to, Jess was always there with a warm shoulder and loving advice.

From fighting literal ants in her pants to the gag-worthy smell-o-vision trial, Jess took on every challenge like a pro. But it was the relationships in camp she formed that continued to inspire happiness night after night.

Jess’ Charity: Cancer Council

Toni Pearen

If she isn’t crowned Queen of the Jungle, Toni Pearen will still be known as the challenge champion of the season. After coming face-to-face with a snake that struck her repeatedly, Toni never even considered quitting. Later, she climbed and leaped off a tower of terror as if it was nothing.

Toni was also the beating heart of the camp, sharing stories and opening up with the celebs. So loved by her campmates that she was even able to get away with burning a sock for a secret mission.

Toni’s Charity: Gotcha4Life

Travis Varcoe

He may be one of the quieter members of the camp, but there’s so much to love about Trav, which is evident by just how beloved he is both in camp and with fans at home. The AFL superstar opened up with many of his fellow celebs on all things sport, mental health, and his family.

While he always approached every tucker trial with the determination of a pro athlete, he was at his best when he was goofing around in camp. If Trav does win the jungle crown, we’re hoping for one last victory dance. After all, he’s had a lot of practice flossing in the jungle.

Travis’ Charity: Lung Foundation Australia

Get voting for your faves, and make sure to tune in on Sunday to find out which one of these celebs is crowned Queen or King of the Jungle!

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I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! returns for the grand finale Sunday, January 31 at 7.30