'I Know Who I Am': Harry Garside Opens Up About His Sexuality And Battling Homophobia

The Olympic boxer has become an instant favourite with his fellow celebs and audiences alike.

Breaking down stereotypes at every turn, the soft-spoken, thoughtful boxer has been open about his future in the sporting world, how he's perceived in the industry and how he challenges gender stereotypes.

Harry Garside may be young, but the Olympic medallist has made waves, spotted in skirts and dresses at events, incorporating ballet into his boxing training, and all the while encouraging others simply to be the greatest version of themselves.

During a chat with Ian 'Dicko' Dickson, Harry spoke about the backlash he receives from those in the boxing industry for things like photos of him with his nails painted.

"I get ripped in all the time. It's like, 'Don't fix something that's not broken... this is the archetype, don't ruin it', which I understand," Harry said.

"But then also I think it comes from like a mirror where potentially they're not free in their life, where they want to express themselves."

Later, in the Tok Tokkie, Harry said the last few years have been a roller coaster, "embracing more my feminine energy, which is actually where I think I sit more often".

"Being in a masculine, very male-dominated sport, it raises a few eyebrows. It's different."

Harry also said that, despite identifying as a straight man, he receives a ton of homophobic abuse online for the way he chooses to express himself.

"I'm very comfortable in my own skin but I'm lucky I've got thick skin. I'm sure that if they're saying that to an athlete, who else are they saying that to? I'm sure that they're chopping people down for being who they are," Harry continued.

"People need to be really careful about what they're saying, especially online. Just because you can't see someone doesn't mean it doesn't impact them."

In 2022 Harry spoke to about the realisation that his uniqueness and that expressing himself through fashion or celebrating his feminine energy is actually a superpower.

"I just want to try and show young people that it’s actually beautiful to walk in your own essence and try things. Even if it’s not your calling, try things because you never know what your calling is until you try it, I’m just trying to encourage young people to do that."

When he was at school, Harry said the Reach Foundation did a workshop and it was the first time he saw people "just walking in their essence", inspiring him to find his own path in life.

"From then it has just grown and blossomed and turned into this weird beast that is here now and I guess I’m just on it for the ride.”

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