‘I Went Into The Game To Be Australia’s Nicest Asshole’: Ben Wilson’s Time In Survivor Gone With The Wind

In a tense fire-making challenge that would have given Ben one more chance to stay in the game, a slight breeze pushed him off course, and out of Survivor.

Several days ago, Ben was brutally blindsided by his tribe, but when Jonathan revealed that one of the players who received votes would swap tribes, not voted out, Ben returned to camp with the very people who had written his name down that night.

Clearly aware that he had a massive target on his back, Ben admitted that he didn’t want to be bitter or refuse to talk to anyone out of spite. “I took it on the chin and said, hey it’s part of the game”.

“They obviously forgot I came here to play as well and my cards started to be drawn,” Ben told 10 play, “I went into the game to be Australia’s nicest asshole, and that started to be shown.”

With his tribe throwing the next Immunity Challenge to have a second opportunity at getting Ben, who they saw as their biggest threat, out of the game for good he was once again thrown a lifeline. This time, Croc approached him to offer him a different name, they could get the numbers to vote for Jesse, the architect of Ben’s original blindside.

In a move that shocked some, Ben then immediately went to Jesse and Sam, told them of Croc’s plans and the trio worked together to blindside Croc instead.

“There’s a bit behind the scenes of Croc not telling me about the blindside, removing my trust. That’s why I went to Jesse and Sam,” Ben explained. “We had that agreement, if we hear our names being written down we’d tell one another, we had that from OG Blood.

“For him not to tell me, that was a bit hard to swallow, even after a blindside. It just sucked. I just thought, what’s my best move? The name of the game is Survivor, and I was just trying to survive out there.”

The slip of trust was one thing, but crunching the numbers Ben was also unsure Croc’s plan to blindside Jesse had the numbers, so he made a move to not only blindside Croc, but to make a move in good faith that would hopefully get him out of the firing line.

Then, on Tuesday, Jonathan revealed that both tribes would be playing for two Individual Immunity necklaces, and once again Ben found his neck on the chopping block.

“Walking around camp in the afternoon I felt like I was in the middle, and then there was a bit of a sense of what was going on in my first blindside,” he said.

With Jesse ‘the Kid’ talking to him more than usual, and Chrissy avoiding talking to him at all, Ben also noted that when Sam had something on her mind “she does this thing where she sways from side to side”. That afternoon, she was swaying frantically.

“I had an inkling, but in the back of my mind, knowing Shay was going to be [at Tribal] and was safe with the Immunity Idol, I was comforted that I’d get to say goodbye if something were to happen.”

But, once again, being voted out wasn’t so straightforward for Ben who, alongside Mel, went into a fire-making challenge for one last chance to stay in the game.

Unfortunately, as the wind picked up, Ben’s flame began dodging the string he was trying to burn through, and as Mel jumped up to block the wind with her body, Ben’s shot at staying in the game slipped through his fingers.

“I wholeheartedly say that I don’t think I would have been able to do this without Shay,” he admitted. “Without seeing her face on those challenge mats every day, that’s what was giving me strength. That’s what was really pushing me as far as I could be pushed.

“Leaving Shay in the game I do giggle to myself like, you idiots! You should have got her out in day two because she’s going to come at you. Knowing her boy got voted out, she’s going to go out all guns blazing, so I can’t wait to watch what happens next.”