‘I Had His Back’: Michael ‘Croc’ Crocker Reveals The Moment He Knew He Should Have Played His Idol

His loyalty was his ultimate downfall as Croc attempted to save Ben, but a secret hidden immunity idol could have changed his fate.

Having pledged his allegiance to Ben time and time again, Croc was never onboard for plans to blindside his tribemate. Setting his sights instead on Khanh, when the rest of his tribe wanted to blindside Ben, Croc was more interested in flushing Khan’s idol.

But that plan sadly didn’t come to fruition and, thanks to a tribe swap twist at Tribal, Ben got a second chance, and Croc was handed an opportunity to strike at the people who took aim at Ben: Jesse and Sam.

Approaching Ben with a plan to blindside Jesse at the next opportunity, Ben immediately went to Sam and Jesse, blew up Croc’s game and orchestrated a blindside of their very own.

“We had been tight since day one,” Croc told 10 play of his alliance with Ben, “we had a really good connection, a really good bond. I laid out why the plan was beneficial to us all, and reminded him that Jesse was the one that enacted the vote on him.

“I didn’t write his name down… he said to me, ‘I’ve got your back, I’ll never write your name down’. Unfortunately, instead of trusting the one person who didn’t vote for him, he jumped over and slept with the enemy,” he added.

“Whether he might not have believed I didn’t write his name down, but I had his back. That was disappointing.”

Heading into Tribal, Croc felt like he had convinced Ben, Michelle, and Khanh why it was beneficial for all their games to take aim at Jesse, and with Chrissy reluctantly voting with him, they had the numbers to make the move happen.

At Tribal Croc admitted he ‘saw some signs’ that things might not actually go to plan, but brushed them aside as paranoia.

“Khanh couldn’t make eye contact with me, Michelle couldn’t make eye contact with me, which was strange. But the whole day I knew I was trying to enact this plan on Jesse so I was really focused on how I was acting, how I was talking to people, instead of being more alert to what was happening around me.”

Then, there was the moment where alarm bells truly started ringing for Croc when Jesse said something along the lines of ‘Relationships change in this game all the time, and relationships that were not so great are going to be even stronger now’.

“I should have realised he wasn’t talking about me there, he was talking about Benny,” Croc said.

That, he admitted, was the moment he should have committed to playing the hidden Immunity Idol.

Instead, Croc watched in shock as his name was pulled from the urn, and his time in the game came to an end.

On Instagram, Croc and Chrissy posted a video where he finally handed her the idol back at home with the pair joking that it could have come in handy if they had actually used it. With Chrissy having found the original clue, and the pair discovering the idol together, Croc admits that though the thought crossed his mind to slide the idol to her before leaving, he knew it was ultimately the wrong move.

“I was really angry at the time at myself for not playing it, then obviously everyone was around. If I gave it to her, then there’s a target on her back… I didn’t want that attention on her,” he said.

Despite a brutal blindside, Croc said it was leaving Chrissy that really hurt in the moment.

“I was really angry at myself that I had put her in this position, so far out of her comfort zone, and she had done so well to build relationships, find her people, find her groove,” he said.

“Knowing I wasn’t there for her, seeing how emotional and upset she was, that hurt. That was hard for me to walk away from.”

“I’ve joined some really good company of people who have gone home with idols in their pockets,” he said, laughing. “At least I can hold onto that.”

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