Georgia Ray Voted Out Of Australian Survivor: Brains V Brawn

After battling an illness in the Australian Outback, Georgia returned to her tribe, ready to play hard to stay in the game.

But after Brains lost the immunity challenge, they were forced back to Tribal where someone would get their torch snuffed.

“A lot has happened in the last 24-hours for me. I’ve been pulled from the game, admitted into hospital with lower abdominal pain and in a pretty fragile state,” Georgia said.

After being cleared by medics, she came back ready to take the game and turn it on its head.

“It felt so, so good to be welcomed back in the tribe, I really, really missed my Survivor family, especially Rachel and Laura. I’m sure there were a couple of people who may have been hoping I would not make a return but having a second opportunity to get back in the game has really given me the fight to get to the end. I’ve come back so much stronger… it’s made me hungrier, thirstier for the win, more than ever. Game on molls!”

Once she reunited with her girls, they came up with a plan to try to convince Kez to vote with them. Knowing she still felt emotional about Cara voting Daini out, they tried to use her emotions to persuade her to vote Cara with them.

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But unfortunately, despite the temptation, Kez resisted and remained with her majority alliance, sending Georgia home.

“Coming back into the game after 24-hour medical treatment, it’s hard to now be leaving again,” Gerogia said. “I was really hoping I’d come back and fight until the end. But I’m proud of myself that I came back and went out the right way.”

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