‘Thank You Macedonian Jesus!’: King George, An Absolute Icon, Is Reigning Supreme On Australian Survivor

From the minute George from Bankstown blessed our screens with his chaotic, hilarious and unconventional style of play, Australia was hooked.

As the season’s progressed, George has not only stolen hearts, he’s proven it’s possible to be both the villain and the hero.

If you don’t believe he’s an absolute icon, here’s the proof.

His Fashion Sense

George stepped foot in the Aussie Outback dressed head-to-toe in white, the least recommended colour of Cloncurry - and any town famous for its red dirt - which takes a whole other level of confidence.

And he brought a change of clothes just as memorable.

“I’m going to be walking into Tribal, I’m gonna be wearing my hat, my wonderful Maltese puppy Hawaiian shirt and my idol.”

A royally good doggo

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He Loves Macedonian Jesus

Having successfully helped the Cabramatta Macedonian Church get a grant, George now claims to be blessed by their Jesus.

“Thank you, Macedonian Jesus!” he says, as advantages and idols rain down from above.

“If there is a Macedonian Jesus out there, I need my bacon saved tonight!” He prays, when his pitch isn’t working and the other castaways are being “as stubborn as milking a donkey.”

And Australia has jumped on the bandwagon.

He Started From The Bottom…

George was at the bottom of the Brains tribe. He had no allies. Then Mitch, George’s “doctor dictator” began targeting “weaker” castaways, and George kicked off his first campaign - Save Wai.

“But is that the way that we judge our society? That if you are stronger, bigger and more muscular, you are better? I just don’t agree with that… At the end of the day, we all have talent, and we all need an opportunity to shine.”

It seemed like the odds were stacked against him, until Macedonian Jesus intervened, and he stumbled across an advantage that allowed him to save himself and five others at Tribal Council.

It was the first massive move of the season and all of Australia went crazy. Did it make him many allies? Not really.

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…And He’s Still Here

When Cara, Baden and George were on the bottom and it looked like George was going bye-bye, Cara heroically played her idol for him while sacrificing herself.

“I said yesterday that there are heroes and villains in this tribe, and Cara is the biggest hero.”

And then there were two. Baden and George. And it really looked like one of them was going, especially because they failed to find an idol.

“It was at that point in time that I knew my goose was cooked,” George said.

So, he tried to convince the enemy, Joey, to work with him. But of course, that failed.

“Working with these people is like trying to milk a donkey. I’m sure its theoretically possible, but you’re going to get a sour outcome and that’s what it feels like for me on this tribe. I’m milking and milking and milking away, but nothing good is coming out of it.”

In a shocking twist, George dodged his impending exit when Hayley flipped and convinced Rachel and Wai to work together with Baden, George and herself, ultimately sending Joey home.

He ‘Stole’ An Idol And Played It

Creepin’ around is something George has nailed. He followed Baden, saw him discover an idol clue, then found the idol himself, without any help.

After thanking Macedonian Jesus, he named his newest friend.

“I’m calling this idol Diego. Diego has fire and it’s burning inside of me. And I’m going to unleash him to cause chaos!”

Then, in a bold move rarely seen on Survivor, he “whipped out the body” and “whipped out the idol” and paraded around camp with it hanging around his neck for all to see, which resulted in everyone shifting their votes off him.

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He Isn’t Afraid To Fight

George has played hard and true to himself. He doesn’t want to “stab people in the back”, he wants to get his “axe and swing it right at their face and let them see it coming.”

At least he’s honest, right? That’s one trait he says he’s learnt as a political operative. Alongside his ability to “handle snakes.”

“I’ve spent ten years in Bankstown Labor as a political operative. I know how to stay on my  toes, and I’ve known those vultures and snakes in the grass for a very long time. Call me a snake handler, but I know how to handle snakes.”

Not only that, he’s worked hard physically, preparing for Survivor by “working out 6 times a week for 8 months” and the “body’s finally here. It’s here.”

His head is constantly on the chopping block, but he never stops pitching himself as the “total package”.

“I’m strong at the puzzles, I’m athletic, I have extreme mental endurance and physical. I bring an asset to this tribe, and you need assets to move forward... I slayed that reward today...”

And he’s not afraid to get up in someone's grill when he feels they’ve done something wrong. After Wai betrayed George and sent “Saint Cara” from the Brains tribe, George was livid.

“I can’t even look her in the eye, because I can’t stomach her betrayal,” he said. “But I know one thing, I am going to confront Wai.”

Now, He’s King

George’s entire game flipped on its head when the tribe swap happened. Thanks to the groundwork laid by Cara, Brawn members, Gerald, Emmett, Kez and Big D welcomed him to their majority alliance. Which meant he didn’t need to fight from the bottom anymore.

“In my head, I was going YEEESSS, YEEESSS. But I had to contain myself... Every brawn needs a brain and I’m going to run this operation... If things finally go my way, I’m going to be the king of the Brains tribe at last.”

No longer the “Bankstown cockroach.” Now, he’s the King.

Will anyone de-throne him?

Find out on Australian Survivor: Brains V Brawn on Sunday – Tuesday nights at 7:30pm on 10 and 10 play on demand. Plus, see what Luke Toki and Nathan Morris have to say about the strategy on 10 play’s web series, Talking Tribal