Get Your Strat Chat On, Australian Survivor Talking Tribal Is Back For Brains V Brawn

We’re diving deep into the game of Survivor with your fave castaways and experts.

Survivors, ready for more?

Every Tuesday night, delve into the strategy, alliances and drama that played out during the week that was with Australian Survivor Talking Tribal, the official digital companion series to Australian Survivor: Brains V Brawn.

Hosted by the ‘People’s Champion’ Luke Toki and NOVA’s Nathan Morris, they’ll flesh out theories behind the gameplay each week, following the epic journey to one player being crowned Sole Survivor.

Joining our hosts will be Survivor expert Shannon Guss (Gaitz), whose staggering knowledge of the game promises the kind of detailed and informed perspective Brains V Brawn absolutely demands.

If you thought three superfans weren’t enough, then don’t fret - fan favourite Nick ‘The Snake’ Iadanza will be appearing on the show, giving us the hot scoop from the rough Aussie Outback, where our Brains and Brawn teams are trying to survive.

Music to Survivor superfans’ ears, Australian Survivor Talking Tribal will also be available as a podcast, featuring extended content that will give an even deeper insight into the ultimate game.

Australian Survivor Talking Tribal kicks off Tuesday July 20 after Australian Survivor: Brains V Brawn on 10 play and your favourite podcast app