Talking Dub Zone with Briana Goodchild

10 Football caught up with Dub Zone host Briana Goodchild to find out more about the new and exciting Liberty A-League show.

Find out more about Dub Zone, the fun and informative live show all about the Liberty A-League Women.

Here's all you need to know as 10 Football caught up with host, Briana Goodchild.

Talk us through your background. What made you fall in love with football?

BG: I always loved football and was interested in other sports as well. I played quite competitively across a range of different sports. I have a similar story to a few different people in the football universe where I had a brother who played football and then at school, I thought I wanted to give it a go.

So, then at school I had fun playing but I was one of the only girls in my team back then. That’s my background in terms of football, but it is the sport that when you saw ‘World Cup’, everyone thinks of football! I have so many vivid memories particularly of the 2006 World Cup.

The equal best we’ve done in a World Cup. I just remember waking up for those games and the sheer excitement around it. It was such a family thing for me.

For those looking to learn more, how would you describe the Dub Zone?

BG: Dub Zone is a fast paced, interactive way to multitask and learn everything you need to know about football in Australia at once, on a fun platform.

Dub Zone takes you around the grounds to all the Liberty A-League matches every Saturday afternoon

Three shows in, what has been the general consensus from Dub fans across social media?

BG: It’s really exciting, it’s been great to have everything uniting. So, this whole season of football it’s been unity across the Men’s And Women’s leagues, unity across the international football stage and Australian leagues.

I think that Dub Zone is really delivering that unity across all platforms and all codes for football.

So, it’s really like a one stop shop for football fans, so that’s why I think it’s had a really great reception. It’s also a way for people to be heard and we know that football fans are some of the proudest out there, so it’s great to give them a platform to share their voice.

Briana and the Dub Zone team had Adelaide United goalkeeper, Annalee Grove, on the show in their latest episode

You have already had Tony Gustavsson on the Dub Zone, any more big names planned to appear over the next few weeks?

BG: They [guests] come in as the weeks roll on but we’re always looking for favourite players and big names.

We’ve already had Fiona Worts, Golden Boot winner, on the very first episode so I think we can expect more of our favourites and big names to come on the show.

Anyone in particular that you are looking forward to having on the show?

BG: Personally, I think it’d be fun to get Alex Chidiac on the show to have a bit of a chat after a big win!

Briana would like to have Melbourne Victory's Alex Chidiac on the Dub Zone (Photo by Hanna Lassen/Getty Images for APL)

How has it been for you hosting a show with this type of format? I imagine it requires a fair bit of improvisation.

BG: I do love live TV, it’s my favourite type. It’s been so exciting to host such a dynamic show surrounded by a bunch of experts who make it fun.

Could you describe the team dynamic? What do you, Kat and Teo bring to the table? I’ve seen a lot of love for Teo and his ability to switch his commentating hat on for the live match crosses.

BG: Team dynamic is great. It’s so good to be surrounded by people who really know their football and having an expert in Teo [Pellizzeri], it’s incredible to see him really step up to the challenge of literally commentating three games at once.

Having the experience of past players on the panel means that you can ask questions that you sometimes don’t have the chance to really ask, especially when we’re talking about giving advice to grassroots players.

Briana, Kat and Teo in action on the Dub Zone with special guest, Grace Gill

That’s one of my favourite things to ask because I know that people are wanting to look at careers in football.

So, if you’re a young player watching the Dub Zone, we look to ask our past players a few questions that might help you out while you’re able to enjoy the games as well.

Having Kat [Haddad] onboard is great. She’s a massive football fan who knows about everything, is involved with the World Cup and then is also scouring the web for everyone’s reactions. It makes for a lot of fun content and a nice flow.

What have you enjoyed about it most so far?

BG: Really being able to get deeper into football and all the storylines. Sports always amaze me of the narratives that can arise.

Just look at the newest side, Western United, they would have arrived in the competition as underdogs, we’ve never seen them play before but they are currently topping the ladder and they have come out with the absolute best start that they could have hoped for.

They [Western United] were the team that I was looking forward to seeing at the beginning of the season and hoping that they could do just this, and they have! That’s a great narrative there.

But the other one is just getting to know the players in the league better because what’s amazing about these people is their amazing human stories as well.

New club Western United have so far been this season's surprise package (Photo by Vince Caligiuri/Getty Images)

You’ve already touched on it there but which team do you think will be the surprise package?

BG: I definitely think Western United could make a very convincing run into that top four. If the start of the season is anything to go by, they could challenge the reigning premiers, Sydney FC, to take out their title if they can keep a good thing going.

I definitely think Melbourne Victory, the reigning champions, well they have a bit of work to do if they want to keep the title.

Do you have a favourite team?

BG: I grew up in Brisbane, so I want to see the Roar do as well as they can this season. I bleed maroon!

What would you say to fans who haven’t yet tuned into the Dub Zone?

BG: I’m someone who works in a wide range of sports and I think that regardless of whether you’re a football nut, someone who’s playing or you’re just sort of getting into the sport, there’s something for everyone.

I think that the Dub Zone is a show for everyone, even if you’re only just discovering football.

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