What’s Shaking On 10 Shake & 10 play?

Find out what shows to watch on 10 Shake and how to watch them.

How can I watch 10 Shake? 

First thing's first - let's make sure you are ready to watch 10 Shake.

Some TVs and set top boxes will already have 10 Shake, but some may need to retune manually. Devices do differ but the process is fairly simple and for most the same. Press menu, next setup, then look for Auto tune, let it scan and ready set shake. If you get a little lost, or aren't sure what to do, unsure please refer to the owner’s manual of your device.

If you still struggle with this, don't have regular broadcast TV, or your region can’t access 10 Shake, you can live stream wherever you are in Australia on 10 play. And of course catch up on all your favourite Shake shows!

Find out what 10 play apps you can live stream 10 Shake on

Are you ready, kids?  

With 12 straight hours of kids shows airing from 6am, there's a LOT to keep the kids entertained.

Animated series The Loud House, as well as live action series Henry DangerSam & Cat and The Thundermans all made their free-to-air debut on 10 Shake earlier this week, and we were so excited we could barely contain it!

iCarly is a show within a show all about internet sensation Carly Shay and her two best friends, Sam and Freddie, who create a wild and wacky web show and tackle every day high schooler problems

Sam & Cat is a spin-off show which follows Carly’s best friend Sam on her next adventure after they part ways. When Sam befriends Cat Valentine (played by Ariana Grande), they become a self-described odd couple and open their own babysitting business as an after-school job. 

For all you animation fans, Sanjay and Craig is one show you must add to your viewing list. Sanjay is the enthusiastic, excited and "uncool" guy, but he doesn't let that phase him. His best friend's name is Craig, a talking snake who also happens to be a master of disguise. If you're a fan of toilet humour, odd characters and gross adventures, then this is the show for you (or your kids). 

And there's plenty more where those shows came from. You can also catch episodes of Top WingTeam UmizoomiBubble GuppiesREADY SET DANCEShimmer & ShineBlaze & the Monster Machines, Paw Patrol, SpongeBob SquarePants, Dora The Explorer, Butterbean's CafeBreadwinnersNicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn and Big Time Rush right now on 10 play.  

Want to find all your favourite kids shows in one place? 10 play kids is your one-stop shop destination to keep the kiddies entertained.  

Got anything for the adults?  

Of course! For the big kids, Teen Mom Australia airs Sunday to Friday at 6.30pm. The story follows the lives of three young mums - Ammi, Sita and Georgie - as they learn how to juggle life with a new baby to care for, while still only being teens themselves.   

If you're looking for some belly laughs, funnyman Daniel Tosh takes on everything the internet has to offer in Tosh.0. Plus, the biggest stars in the world come together for Comedy Central Roast (you can watch Bruce Willis take a hilarious hammering right here) and Lip Sync Battle, where stars compete against each to perform the best lip sync of famous songs. Let's just say, the performances will leave you speechless... 

We've also got Ridiculousness and Just Tattoo Of Us UK to keep everyone on their toes and The Charlotte Show and Ex on the Beach to give everyone a reality fix. 

What new shows are still coming this week? 

We have plenty to offer right now, but there’s still more new shows coming your way this week.  

Drunk History US and The Daily Show with Trevor Noah arrive on Wednesday night to keep the laughs coming, following Comedy Central Roast of David Hasslehoff 

Thursday nights offer up some back to back animation for adults, with South Park making a very special first impression with it’s COVID Special, fast-tracked from the US. Straight after, make a date with everyone’s favourite humanoid horse, Bojack Horseman. 

On Friday night, you can catch Catfish, which tackles the mystery and complexities of dating in a digital world. Nev and Max help people who have found themselves emotionally involved with someone they have only met onlinewhich often results in some unexpected revelations.  

Don't miss a moment and find out when to watch with the 10 Shake TV Guide.  

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