‘We’d Like To Help People Get To Their Dream’: Mitch And Mark To Host Location, Location, Location

Casting for the new series Location, Location, Location is now open.

Property experts and The Block 2021 winners Mitch Edwards and Mark McKie are bringing their nearly 20 years of experience to 10’s new series Location, Location, Location in 2023.

“We got into property through necessity,” Mitch told 10 Play, “we chose property as a way to get ahead, so we bought our first property together.”

“Mitch was the one who made the plan and said we need to buy, renovate, flip and make money off the growth in property,” Mark said, adding that the pair gave themselves five years to see where it would take them.

“Within the first 18 months, we sold two properties, and then that rolled on over a few decades to 20 properties,” Mitch said.

And while the pair have become experts in property hunting, buying, renovating and selling, it wasn’t always a dream run.

“We had no experience,” Mark said, laughing. “The first property we bought, I started ripping cupboards out — I didn’t know anything about Strata requirements or all the stuff we now know. We made all the mistakes.

“I ripped out a cabinet and ripped out all the electricity and shorted the electricity…”

“…Of the building,” Mitch added.

“And on a Saturday,” Mark continued. “We didn’t know what we didn’t know! We’ve now had nearly 20 years of experience and got ourselves understanding the market.”

The series will see the duo helping everyday Aussies along their journey to finding their dream home, navigating the difficulties and obstacles and bringing a little bit of fun — as well as a lot of knowledge.

“It's like having your own little property coach,” Mark said. “If you don’t do this very often, how can you funnel all the knowledge of someone experienced and have them there when you’re standing in the property?”

“I had Christina Aguilera pop into my head,” Mitch said, singing, “I’m a genie in a bottle!”

“It's up to us to understand exactly what the person wants in a home and what their plans, their life stage, is,” Mitch continued. “If they’re empty nesters, it’s clear they need less space than they had previously.

“If they’re a young family that’s potentially growing we need to find a place that fits their needs now, but also a home that can grow with them as their needs change,” he said. “It's up to us to guide them, to help them get to what they need for now and potentially what they need later.”

As for who the pair are hoping will apply for the series, Mark immediately said, “Everyone!”

“We’d like to be able to help people get to their dream,” Mitch added. “Often your home is your dream, it’s the biggest purchase you ever make so we’d like to have people that are very open to benefit from our experience, our wins and our mistakes. Everything we’ve been through over the 20 properties we’ve purchased and sold.”

“I’d like people to apply who are maybe fearful of getting into the property market,” Mark said. “I think we have a role to play to take some of that fear away and let them know the process.”

“It’s not horrible, it is a lot of fun and we can make it a joy for them and show them the joy in property, because we find it joyful and think others can too,” Mitch agreed.

Casting for the exciting new season of Location, Location, Location is now open. Go to to apply now.