Sister Act: Goggleboxers Holly and Millie Spill All

We caught up with the hilariously outspoken Gogglebox sisters, Holly and Millie, and learnt some quick truths about their lives beyond watching telly with their folks.

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If you had to be on any reality show, which would it be and why?

Holly: I would probably be on Highway Patrol as a cop as I’ve wanted to be a police woman for a while now and I really love the show. I think it’s so educational and it would help drivers learn more about road safety.

Mille: Survivor! I love the group dynamics and spiciness of it all.

What’s one thing you can do that your sister can’t?

Holly: I know all my math times tables up to 12 whereas Millie doesn't (although she would never admit it!).

Millie: Holly always gets confused telling her lefts from rights, which makes for some very interesting car rides. If we need to go left, she will literally veer across the other side of the road! It’s the scariest thing ever and our Mum refuses to be in the car with her when she drives.

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Have you ever had a crush on your sister’s friend?

Holly: Nope.

Millie: None that I’m willing to admit!

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What is your funniest childhood memory of your sister?

Holly: I can't even think that far back, I’m struggling to even remember what I had for dinner last night *laughs*.

Millie: My funniest memory of Holly was when she was being chased by geese in a playground when we were about 5-years-old. I have never seen her run faster in her life and she was screaming her head off!

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What is one thing that your sister can’t live without?

Holly: A hair straightener and a large bathroom as she spends so much time getting ready.

Millie: Holly can’t live without Netflix or her iPhone - they are her absolute essentials.

What’s the weirdest habit your sister has?

Holly: Millie is a complete chatterbox, and she just talks unnecessarily when I am trying to concentrate and work or watch a movie.

Millie: Holly has collected a ridiculous amount of pyjamas and jumpers. I should call up Fashion Police, because I think she’s partially colour blind!

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