Logies 2023: The Cheap Seats Win Their First Logie Award

It’s official: Tim, Mel and the Cheap Seats gang are outstanding.

On Sunday night, at the 63rd Annual TV WEEK Logie Awards The Cheap Seats was awarded the Logie for the Most Outstanding Entertainment Program.

Starring the utterly brilliant Tim McDonald and Melanie Bracewell, the series takes a look back at the week’s news and media with a hilarious slant.

Accepting the award, Tim and presenter Mel Tracina took to the stage to humbly say, “We didn't know seat fillers could win awards!

“We are incredibly grateful,” Tim continued, “congratulations to all the other nominees. It is a huge honour and very humbling to be standing here and holding this award and to read those words…”

“Lego Masters Australia?” Mel joked, reading the award.

Moving on to thank the producers of the show, Tim and Mel also joked about how brave it was for Channel 10 to “take a risk” on a show that didn’t feature “an island, a vet, or a cruise ship”.

The pair also acknowledged Mel Bracewell’s absence, with Tim adding, “Just check your visas… You would think five years would be long enough to get through tonight, but apparently not.”