7 Times Mr Bean Was The Original Hot Mess

The icon, the legend, the fool that is Mr Bean has given us more laugh out loud moments than can be counted.

From getting a turkey stuck on his head or losing his swimmers in a public pool to being underwhelmed on a roller coaster, Mr Bean has seen and done it all!

We’ve comprised a list of 7 of Mr Bean’s funniest hot mess moments!

Taking BYO lunch to the extreme

This is not meal prep you’d expect to see sitting on a park bench.

Getting Changed in Public

Fancy a quick dip? Nothing is easy when Mr Bean is involved…

 Losing It In A Horror Movie

We all remember our first time watching Paranormal Activity

Armchair Driving

Who other than Mr Bean would invent a way to drive that’s not exactly fail safe?

Head Full Of Turkey

The iconic moment which will never let you look at Turkey the same way again.

Mr Bean v Man At Disco

What to do when your accidentally provocative dance moves aren’t enough to woo your crush?

Mr Bean Bares All

Lost your swimmers at a public pool?  This is something you can try.

The immensely popular series has sparked two films and a cartoon series.

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