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Tim Tam Releases Gluten Free Version Of The Iconic Australian Biscuit

Tim Tam has released a gluten free version so more people can enjoy the iconic snack.

The selection joins a broadening range of biscuits from Arnotts’s that are releasing gluten free versions, including Mint Slice, Shortbread Cream, Choc Ripples and Tiny Teddies.

Even though they are more expensive at $5.50 for a packet of seven, compared to an 11-pack of standard Tim Tams for $4.50, those requiring gluten free foods are excited to get their hands on them.

TikToker @han_fitzy, who was diagnosed as coeliac three years ago said she got up “super early” to get her hands on them.

“I woke up super early to go find gluten free Arnott’s Tim Tams. What the f**k,” she said, jumping in her car to secure the goods.

“I went to three places. I found them. They were fully stocked. They smell the same, they smell the same as others.”

She joked she had double-checked they were gluten free because they tasted so similar to the regular Tim Tams.

An Arnott’s spokesperson told news.com.au the brand was “proud” to offer the gluten range.

“For the quarter of Aussies who avoid gluten in their diets, Arnott’s is proud to be able to provide a range of great tasting products for these Aussies including Mint Slice, Shortbread Cream, Tiny Teddy, Choc Ripple, Scotch Finger, and TeeVee Snacks Original; now including Gluten Free Tim Tam,” the they said.

“The product has started to appear on shelves, with wider availability from November at Coles, Woolworths, IGA and independent retailers.

“In order to deliver a quality Gluten Free biscuit that not only doesn’t compromise on taste but adheres to the strict FSANZ (Food Standards Australia New Zealand) Food Standards Code requirements surrounding a no detectable gluten claim; our Gluten Free Tim Tam is made on a separate gluten-free line using a combination of high quality, gluten free ingredients which come at a higher cost versus original Tim Tam flavours.”

Image: Arnott's