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Statements Regarding Our Story On Citipointe Christian College

Statements from Citipointe Christian College, the Attorney-General's Office, the Queensland Minister for Education and the International Network of Churches.

Statement from Citipointe Christian College:

Citipointe is a Christian school and our teaching and operations are based on the religious beliefs of our Church, the International Network of Churches (INC). Since 1978, we have provided a biblical Christian education to students founded on the teachings of the Bible and our Church’s Declaration of Faith.

The freedom to maintain the school’s Christian ethos guarantees our ability to offer children our model of religious belief. Importantly, this freedom does not target any particular group or person. Our Declaration of Faith covers a range of areas that INC considers are important to a faithful Christian life.

We believe that each individual is created in the image of God, and that we are all equal and should be afforded compassion, love, kindness, respect and dignity. Our Church also believes in the teachings of the Bible that hold that marriage was instituted by God as between a man and a woman and which do not distinguish between gender and biological sex.

Principal, Pastor Brian Mulheran said, “We have always held these Christian beliefs and we have tried to be fair and transparent to everyone in our community by making them clear in the enrolment contract. “We are seeking to maintain our Christian ethos and to give parents and students the right to make
an informed choice about whether they can support and embrace our approach to Christian education."

“Citipointe does not judge students on their sexuality or gender identity and we would not make a decision about their enrolment in the College simply on that basis. We believe each individual is created in the image of God, with dignity and worth equal to every other person. We unequivocally love and respect all people regardless of their lifestyle and choices, even if those choices are different to our beliefs and practice.

The College offers our faith-based education as a choice among many other schooling options available to parents. Our society gives people freedom to be a part of groups and organisations with shared beliefs. The College, through the freedoms afforded to it by law, has outlined our common beliefs and practices, so that parents can choose for their children to be educated at Citipointe and join our faith-based community.


Statement from the Attorney-General's Office: 

It is important for all religious educational institutions to act within the law when outlining their enrolment policies and we understand that the relevant school has sought legal advice on this issue.

  • Statement from Queensland Education Minister Grace Grace:

“I think this is unacceptable. Every student deserves to feel accepted and supported at school. The ‘values’ laid out in this document don’t seem very Christian to me."

“I’ve raised the issue with the Attorney General around anti-discrimination laws, and I’d encourage parents, carers, or students at the school to report this to the Human Rights Commission."

Statement from the International Network of Churches:

Does the International Network of Churches support Citipointe College's enrolment conditions? 

Ps Ross Abraham National Chairman states, “INC fully supports the enrolment conditions of the College”.

Does the International Network of Churches consider this to be discriminatory ? 

 “As a College established for religious purposes, Citipointe has the freedom to maintain its Christian ethos and provide families an education based on our shared beliefs. It is often misunderstood, but international law recognises that the legitimate exercise of religious freedom is not discrimination. It is a feature of an open society. We aim to give parents and students the right to make informed choices about whether they can support our approach to Christian education and join our community.”