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PwC Australia Releases Its Salary Bands To The World In Attempt To Become More Transparent

Move over gender reveals, one of the big four accounting firms, PwC Australia, has released salary details of all its staff. And there were no injuries involved.

The wages range from modest to holy crap.

How much do you earn? It has long been considered a rude question. Wage details are often kept more secretive than a teenage girl's diary.

So, it's very surprising that a giant professional service firm has shared all its juicy pay secrets.

The firm's chief executive, Tom Seymour, says it's part of their effort to become more transparent about their operations in a highly competitive sector to the public and the market.

He also said that staff had pushed for a more open approach to how pay scales were handled.

The firm released the starting point and maximum salary scales for its five job levels – associate, senior associate, manager, senior manager and director.

Exactly how much are we talkin'?

PwC revealed that salaries range from $55,600 for a non-client facing associate role. Not bad!

The pay bands range from over $100,000 for associates to between $141,500 to $150,000 for senior associates. Nice!

For managers its between $180,000 to $197,700 and $235,100 to $270,781 for senior managers. Very nice!

For directors it’s $317,500 to $362,588. Wowza!

The huge money is at the partnership level with a starting point of $340,000 to a top end of $3,675,000. Holy crap!

Graduates are treated separately, with new entrants starting at $69,000 – a level which Mr Seymour said was at the upper end of the market to ensure the firm attracts the best talent in a "hot market".

My Seymour said the firm would update the pay bands annually based on market data to ensure it stayed competitive.

Let's hope there are more wage reveals from businesses; it's time to move on from the traditional methods of pay disclosure; staff gossiping in the break room.