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Pepsi Takes Inspiration From Guinness With New Flavour To ‘Redefine Soda’

Aimed at people who don't like soft drinks' heavy carbonation, Pepsi has released a new flavour using Nitrogen.

The new first-of-its-kind flavour, 'Nitro Pepsi', will be released in the US on March 28.

In what the company describes as its "most ambitious feat yet", PepsiCo announced the new flavour on Wednesday.

The new nitrogen-infused cola has a creamier and smoother taste than traditional carbonated sodas. 

Nitrogen is commonly used in beer, iconically Guinness, and even coffee as it creates a smooth, foamy and creamy texture rather than a fizzy or bubbly drink as soda is.

Pepsi took inspiration from the Guinness playbook to create the nitrogen drink in a can and added a so-called 'widget' to the bottom of the cans that creates a "frothy, foamy, smooth texture unique to Nitro Pepsi". 

Guinness patented the widget about 50 years ago. It causes a nitrogen-filled capsule to release gas when the can is opened, creating Guinessess's signature foamy head. 

Pepsi states the soda should be served without ice and should not be drunk with a straw.

The move from Pepsi comes just a week after Coca-Cola released its equally ambitious new flavour 'Starlight' a soda "inspired by space".