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Coca-Cola Released A “Journey To Space” Flavoured Coke Edition

An unusual looking Coca-Cola hit the shelves in the U.S, and people are baffled by the flavour's description.

Named 'Starlight' Coca-Cola described the drink as if they were describing a movie, "Starlight was created with the vision that — in a world of infinite possibilities — somewhere in our universe, another kind of Coca-Cola, another way of connecting with each other might exist," Coca-Cola said

…. Okay, so what does that taste like?

Coca-Cola describes the flavour to have "notes reminiscent of stargazing around a campfire, as well as a cooling sensation that evokes the feeling of a cold journey to space".

Fortunately, real-life tasters of the drink took to Twitter to offer their review of the bizarre new flavour, with users describing it as "delicious" and with "caramelly/creaming soda sort of flavours," 

One user quipped, "If this doesn't taste like what I imagine the sweat of Ziggy Stardust does... I'm going to be so pissed." 

Which, after that description from Coke - fair enough. 

For now, it appears to be a US-only edition however, Coca-Cola has not made a statement to confirm or deny if the space-tasting drink will be flying to Australia any time soon.