Frustrated Bunnings Customer Slams Stores' Dog-Friendly Policy

An outraged Bunnings customer has let loose on the hardware stores dog-friendly policy, criticising owners who take their pooches shopping.

The customer aired their frustrations on Reddit, saying during their last visit to the store there had been "literal dog sh*t" in the aisle.

"I had to stand there to warn people then dash off to find a staff member only to return to the scene of the crime to see a woman and her trolley roll right over it," the customer complained, adding that a friend had seen a woman click her fingers at staff to clean up after her dog.

"Earlier during my visit, a young lab wrapped himself and his lead around the legs of another customer. The week prior there was a dog fight at the service desk," the customer added.

"Why are we allowing non-service dogs into a hardware shop?? It's a shop, not a dog park!"

They went on to say their daughter told them they were "being a Karen", but they were sure others agreed with them.

The post set off a debate over whether dogs should be allowed in the hardware store, with some defending the policy and instead placing blame on poorly behaved owners.

"Dogs should be allowed but there should be a cleaning policy. If you let your dog sh*t and don't even bother to pick If up, you should get a lifetime ban from that bunnings," wrote one commenter, while another said, "That's a people problem, not a dog problem. The dog didn't do anything wrong, the person did."

Others agreed that Bunnings is no place for pooches, with one person saying, "Some people are allergic, some are scared, not everyone wants to be around your bloody dog. Leave it home."