The Dark Side of Daytime: The Bold and the Beautiful’s Biggest Tragedies

No one is safe in Soapland and no soap does tragedy quite like The Bold and the Beautiful. With a heavy heart, The Insider remembers the most iconic deaths (or back-from-the-deaths) in the show’s dramatic history.

Taylor: A grave predicament

Ridge’s twitching cheekbones warned him something was amiss about Taylor’s death, and boy was it ever. Digging up her coffin to double-check if Mrs Ridge truly had bitten the dust was extreme, but the mannequin within confirmed something was indeed rotten in the state of California. Enter Prince Omar Exposition of Morocco, who coolly informed his love rival that he pulled Taylor back from the brink, nursed her to health and switched her with a dummy so lifelike that even her family would be fooled. When Taylor finally revealed herself, her aura that of ethereal light and hairspray, Ridge’s tears had nothing to do with the fog machine that had been cranked up to 11.

Phoebe: Killing Ridge softly

A cautionary tale about the dangers of pummelling your boyfriend, who’s in love with your mother, when he’s operating a motor vehicle, there wasn’t a dry eye in the Forrester’s house after Phoebe’s premature passing. Her father Ridge’s rescue attempt in vain, all he could do was listen as she momentarily defied her injuries to deliver a verse from the song she’d written for his wedding to Brooke. That she followed in her mother’s ill-fated footsteps by dying in Ridge’s arms raises troubling questions about the toxicity of his limbs.

Darla: Wrong road, wrong time

Another in a long line of unfortunate Forresters, dearly departed Darla must wish she’d called Roadside Assistance rather than insist on changing that tyre herself. Losing her balance and falling in front of Taylor’s oncoming automobile, she was ripped from husband Thorne and daughter Alexandria in one sickening collision. When life’s this cruel you just want to blame everyone, so we dutifully nominate: her heels, Taylor’s inebriation, that sticky wheel nut, inclement weather and that damned fog machine.

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Stephanie: Goodbye Irish rose

In the event of a nuclear disaster you would have bet your former house on Stephanie’s survival. Yet following a 25-year tenure as the Forrester you loved to hate, the white widow of daytime TV ultimately succumbed to the lung cancer she’d beaten once before. Matching the shock of her death was its manner – cradled by Brooke, with whom she’d had her most famous feuds, Stephanie had but one last request of her former enemy: “Sing me to sleep, baby girl.” Brooke obliged and wept. As did we.

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Ridge: Not the man he used to be

On episode #6720 of The Bold and the Beautiful, viewers felt a great disturbance in the Forresters: Ridge ceased to be Ron Moss and became Thorsten Kaye. The rumours were true; Moss, he of the diamond-cutting chin, had been replaced as the fashion titan. Though it was his call to walk away from the role he’d spent over two decades defining, the startling decision to recast was like a death in the family. Credit to Kaye for stepping into such big shoes, but while he may be gone, omnipresent Obi-Ron will never be forgotten.

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