Ashleigh's Bold Move

It’s ‘onwards and upwards’ for Aussie Ashleigh Brewer as she decides to move on from The Bold And The Beautiful.

It’s been announced that Ashleigh Brewer is to leave The Bold And The Beautiful. Aussie Ash joined the cast of the long-running popular US soap opera in 2014 as Ivy, a member of the iconic Forrester family. Ivy is Eric’s niece and works in their jewellery business.

Before her move Stateside, Ashleigh was better known as Neighbours’ Kate Ramsay. Ashleigh joined the Neighbours cast in 2009 and gained quite the following, being nominated for Most Popular New Female Talent at the Logies in 2010. Kate Ramsay was shot in 2014, thus ending Ashleigh’s adventures in Erinsborough.

It was during her time on Neighbours that Ashleigh met her close friend, Margot Robbie. In fact, it is Robbie that has fuelled Ashleigh’s fire to pursue acting dreams in the US beyond Bold. Speaking to The Herald Sun, Ashleigh said, “I’ve had Margot encouraging me for so long (saying) just leave it and see what happens.” She continues, “So I’m throwing caution to the wind now and keeping myself open to opportunities.”

With Margot Robbie in the running for Oscar gold for her incredible portrayal of ice-skater Tonya Harding in the movie I, Tonya, Ashleigh knows that dreams of Hollywood stardom can come true.

bold ash brewer exit

We don’t know exactly when we’ll see Ashleigh’s final scenes on The Bold And The Beautiful, but it will be in the ‘coming weeks’. Will Ivy simply fly back home to Australia, or will she meet a grisly end? In her three years on The Bold And The Beautiful, Ivy has had several close shaves. Here are our top three:

bold ash brewer exit

1. Splash In The Seine

Whilst on a trip to Paris, she ended up being shoved into the River Seine. The culprit? Quinn. Her saviour? Liam, who gallantly dived into the water to save her.

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2. Electric Dreams

Backstage at Forrester Creations, Steffy (whom Ivy had been blackmailing) pushed Ivy into a faulty electric panel where she suffered electrocution.

bold ash brewer exit

3. Stairgate

Ivy didn’t learn and she had another near-fatal altercation with Steffy. This time, they were arguing at the top of the staircase and, before too long, Ivy found herself toppling down to the very bottom.

Having failed before, our money is on Steffy polishing her off for good. Strangled by her own designer necklace? Choked by a semi-precious stone? All we’re saying is that you should watch your back, Ivy.

The Bold And The Beautiful airs 4.30 weekdays on TEN and tenplay