Judges Favourite Recipes From Week 12

With the pressure increasing as the finale creeps closer, the contestants whipped up some amazing dishes to stay in the competition. We've accumulated this weeks best!

Larissa’s Lemon Parfait, Black Olive Madeleine and Poppy Seed Cream

It makes me feel all warm inside. This is some very careful, considered and classic cookery where it’s just right. The lemon parfait makes sense and there’s no trickery, but then when you put it together with that Olive Madeleine which is not something we see every day, that beautiful syrup and even the marinated oil, it’s just heaven” – Gary

That is just spectacular. It’s an absolute roller coaster ride of flavours and some of those left hand turns like the olive and the poppy seeds are so shocking and so surprising they make the whole dish different. Its clever, inspirational and totally delicious. Your folks will be very proud of you” – Matt

I think this is the best dish you’ve put up this competition. Larry, what a legend you are with your lemons” – George

Simon’s Cauliflower Cheese

It’s a lovely dish of bits. It’s great. It’s super tasty and it’s super clever” – Matt

I’m in love with the custard and I’m in love with the little brown crumb and the roasted caramelised leaves because I look at that and go, this is delicious colour” – Gary

You’re an amazing cook and it’s all about fine little details right now. The details are the difference between lifting that trophy and not” – George

Tessa’s John Dory with Almonds, Capers, Grapes and Caviar

That is rock solid cooking that sets you up beautifully for a great career” – Gary

Perfection on a plate. Would I change anything? Nope. It is just spot on and for me, it’s your best dish ever in this competition” – George

Larissa’s Parsnip Ice Cream with Caramelised Pears and Chocolate Sauce

I am so excited that I’m going to put every pair of eyeballs on this plate of food because that is just rock and roll. That fine twill is just gorgeous, it's delicate and that parsnip ice cream is off the chart” – George

Wonderful isn’t it? That sherry vinegar caramel just accentuates the fruitiness of the chocolate and makes that crema taste like its made with really expensive chocolate and it's all about that ice cream. The ice cream just tastes like the best sweetest parsnips you’ve ever had” – Matt

I am in chocolate, sherry and caramel heaven. That is absolutely beautiful. She has put up some amazing desserts and the clarity of those desserts has got better and better as we are peaking into this point of the competition. You wouldn’t expect any better in a great restaurant. I love it.” – Gary

Larissa’s Lemon Crème Fraiche and Cucumber

What a wonderful dish, this is a great combination. I think what’s beautiful about this dish is that nothing is shy. There's the flavor of the lemon, the cucumber is all over the dish and that little bit of crème fraiche acidity against that sweet lemon flavor, it's perfect for this space. A contender for best dish I think” – Matt

The crunchiness of the cucumber on the bottom of the bowl really adds another layer to it” – Guest

I love it, I’m pleased because I thought it was an ice cream but it turns out it’s a beautifully light and smooth sorbet and that cucumber tea is just absolutely smashing” – Gary