5 Things You Missed From Week 12

Keep tissues handy because this week is an emotional one. With only 6 contestants left, it’s time to take things to the next level.

1. Teary Start

The Mystery Box hit close to home for the contestants as their families chose one ingredient for them to hero. With a letter of motivation written from a loved one and a single ingredient hidden inside, there wasn't a dry eye in the kitchen. The contestants cooked to make their family proud.

2. Invention Test

From John Dory to Cauliflower, the contestants were given one ingredient to place at the centre their dish, selected by the judges themselves. They didn’t want to mess this one up, because the bottom 3 were headed straight to the pressure test where someone would be eliminated!

3. Lamington Cake

Nothing but absolution perfection was accepted as the bottom three contestants cooked it out for a spot in the top 5. Who better to create a dish for the occasion than Ashley Palmer-Watts and he definitely didn’t hold back! The contestants really struggled with his reinvention of an Australian classic and one of them didn't finish on time.

4. So Long, Farewell!

You'll need those tissues we were talking about because our Hug Queen and Cake Boss, Anushka, left the MasterChef kitchen. Her eager spirit and determination to learn and grow propelled her through the competition and she will definitely be missed! Considering she entered the competition with hugs, it's only fitting that she left the same way.

Farewell to our Queen of hugs Anushka 👋 We will miss you 😢 #MasterChefAU

5. No Rules

What a good day to be cooking in the MasterChef kitchen! No rules, no time limit and an open pantry! Choosing only 75 minutes to cook a dish for the judges, let's hope they gave themselves enough time to show what they've got because the winner will receive a MASSIVE advantage.

6. The Press Club's Last Service

All good things must come to an end, and as Finals Week closes, its only fitting that we celebrate the end of a legacy. After a successful 12.5 years of service, George is turning the lights out at his Hellenic fine dining restaurant, but not before giving the contestants a massive responsibility. They had to cook The Press Club's last service EVER. Let's hope they made George proud!