'You Ruined The Night For Everyone': Hunger Turns to Hanger In Camp

The celebrities are easing into their new life in the jungle, or so it seems. One issue hitting some campmates harder than others? Food shortages.

The jungle is a daunting and challenging place for all celebrities. From participating in gruelling trials, lacking basic luxuries and living with creepy crawlies, every celeb has handled the challenges of the jungle differently.

For Beau Ryan, the NRL player and television personality, it is the lack of food that has been his biggest challenge so far. While food is a huge topic of conversation in the jungle, Beau has been the most vocal about his struggle... and the most hangry.

The battle began a few days ago after consuming the gooey, off-white porridge breakfast (that even Poh could not improve) Beau yelled “We’ve got no food” to the gods.

On Sunday night, Beau’s struggle with food escalated when the camp was given a brick for dinner as punishment for stealing food during the school challenge. Hangry Beau took himself to bed, his parting words to the group, “I’m about to go psycho".

On Monday night, Beau apologised for his behaviour to fellow campmates and opened up about his struggles.

The events of the evening saw the contestants partake in a cookie challenge. The celebs were paired up and had to make their partner laugh, if contestants didn’t laugh the reward, was a cookie.

After Beau was unable to keep a straight face, he lost out on a cookie that saw his hangry side come out once again. Joey Essex joined the hangry club, failing to win a cookie. Beau took himself to bed but not before walking through the campfire. This left Brooke McClymont in hysterics and asking, “Is this serious?” and Nathan Buckley comparing the pair's reactions to that of “eight-year-old boys”.

The next day Brooke confronted Beau and Joey for ruining the night. Taking time to think about their actions, Beau and Joey apologised to camp and came up with a dance called the ‘Beau-y Joey Rock’.

If the campmates feel the pair are getting into a hangry mood, calling out these sacred words will make the due go into a dance and ‘hopefully’ snap them out of their stupor.

Will the Beau-y Joey Rock be enough? Or will Beau and Joey say the words “I’m A Celebrity.... Get Me Out of Here” and end their hangry-ness once and for all? Only time will tell.

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! airs Sunday to Thursday at 7.30 on Network 10 and on demand on 10 play