Ricciardo comes of age

The 24 year old from Perth has joined that exclusive group of drivers who have won an F1 Grand Prix.

The 24 year old from Perth has joined that exclusive group of drivers who have won an F1 Grand Prix.

And unlike the man who interviewed him on the podium, Jean Alesi, who won the race in 1995, this will not be his only Grand Prix win. Ricciardo has really hit the ground running this season with Red Bull Racing and has now stood on the podium for the last three races, showing the momentum he has got in his season.

Here he was lucky of course, that Mercedes hit reliability problems; Hamilton retired with brake problems while Rosberg also had to manage an ailing car and lost all his pace, allowing Dan and easy pass.

But having started sixth on the grid, three places behind his team mate Sebastian Vettel, Ricciardo managed to come through to win with Vettel third - what a performance.

This will give him huge confidence and the next round is at the Red Bull Ring in Austria, which has been bankrolled by the Austrian drinks company. So Ricciardo will arrive there as flavour of the month.

Rosberg showed his quality by nursing the Mercedes home in second place. He had suffered a problem on his energy recovery system which wasn't haversting energy correctly under braking. This led to the car overheating its rear brakes. This ended Hamilton's race, but Rosberg was able to nurse it home thanks to throwing the brake bias forwards, so that most of the braking effect was going onto the front tyres.

It also meant that the car was down on power on the straights and the lead of over 20 seconds the Mercedes had over the pursuing pack was quickly eaten up.

A final word on the nasty accident at the end, between Felipe Massa and Sergio Perez.

Perez has been penalised five grid places at the next race, so the FIA stewards clearly thought it was his fault.  It was a huge accident; Massa's data recorder registered and impact of 32g, according to FIA sources. He is lucky to have got away with that, as is Vettel, who came so close to being side-swiped by the out of control Williams.

Once again a very promising position for Williams  - 4th and 5th on the grid - has turned into a disappointing result; just a seventh place after all that effort.