The All Stars Blindsides That No One Saw Coming

We really weren’t messing around when we said this was going to be the CRAZIEST, most EPIC season of Australian Survivor.

From creating fake idols to forming secret alliances, we’ve already seen some of the biggest moves in Survivor history.

Here are all the gob-smacking blindsides from the season so far. To say they've made the past seasons look like child’s play, is an understatement.

Episode 3: Daisy’s Blindside

Mat’s alliance put their votes on Daisy, while the majority alliance put their votes on Jacqui - but they all told Mat they were putting their votes on Moana.

So, when David told Mat the votes were actually going on Jacqui, Mat played his idol for her. Poor Daisy was sent packing.

Episode 5: Henry’s Blindside

Nick was done with Henry’s impulsive gameplay so he tried to vote him out. It wasn't easy. Everyone else wanted the tribe to be physically strong so they could win challenges and the majority wanted to put votes on Shonee.

Knowing he was in danger, Henry created a fake idol and hid it in a tree during Tribal Council. Then, right before everyone had to vote, he “found” it and attempted to intimidate everyone into voting for Shonee.

Little did he know, Shonee had a real idol. And she played it: shocking the whole tribe and sending Henry home.

Episode 7: Abbey’s Blindside

Shonee was FURIOUS, and we don’t blame the poor girl. Her tribe (led by Abbey) attempted to vote her out three times. The first time, she saved herself with an idol. The second time, she was sent to Exile Beach. The third time... well, Shonee just wasn't going to have it.

Luckily, there was the Tribe Swap. And Shonee, armed with information about Abbey, made her pitch that if they got rid of Abbey, they’d be able to take down the rest of Mokuta.

In a shock reveal, Abbey received more votes and Shonee got her sweet, sweet revenge.

Episode 11: Phoebe's Blindside

This. Tribal. Was. Insane.

David and Moana's alliance wanted Phoebe out. David revealed ONE of his idols during Tribal Council and then she realised her 'closest ally' voted for her.

But Nick found an advantage in Pandora's Box which gave him an extra vote at any tribal. So, he used it, causing a re-vote between Phoebe and Moana.

Unfortunately, it wasn't enough. Poor Phoebe was bluffed with her own idol and blindsided by the one person she trusted most: Devious David.

Episode 12: Flick's Blindside

Brooke FINALLY got her revenge on Flick from their season one kerfuffle and Flick did not see it coming. As they say, an eye blindside for a blindside.

But Harry wasn't confident that he was safe. He was so sure he was going to be voted out, that he almost used an advantage. That was until AK told him not to...

He took a leap of faith and trusted his 'alliance', blindsiding Flick once and for all.

Episode 14: Locky's Blindside

As they all say, be careful what you wish for.

After welcoming David and Zach into their tribe with open arms, Locky was confident Sharn was the next out. But David and Zach were playing double agents and they had their sights set on Locky. Demanding big moves and blindsides, Locky found himself experiencing what he set out to do: blindside. He was the first player to join Jury Villa.

Episode 18: Zach's Blindside

Zach suffered from a severe case of confident-itis and as we know from past players, its not a good thing to catch. It usually ends with, well, a blindside.

But Zach dug his own grave for this one. He volunteered to go to Exile Beach to 'improve his resume'. Of course, he wouldn't have done it if he wasn't confident he would win at least one challenge.

Unlucky for him, he didn't.  When his name was up at Tribal Council, he relied on his alliance to save him. But Jacqui, who really wanted Zach out, sided with the Vakama alliance and together, they blindsided him. Zach was the third addition to Jury Villa.