‘Never Trusted Him From The Start’: A Tribe Swap Sees Paige Blindsided By OG Villains

The beloved Survivor auction returned, but so did the dreaded tribe swap, spelling the end of the road for Paige.

As the two tribes arrived at the auction, Jonathan revealed the first object up for grabs was for everyone: a brand new buff drawn randomly. With the OG Heroes greatly out numbering the Villains after their successful run in Immunity Challenges, it was going to be interesting to see how the tribes were split.

For the new Heroes, Matt, Ben, Paige, Flick and Gerry had a majority over OG Villains Shonee, George and Steve. But never ones to be discredited, the Villains did what they do best and caused some mayhem.

During the Immunity Challenge, Paige was given some stern words from David on the other tribe to set their sights on George as soon as possible. Following his exceptional performance during Sunday’s incredibly unpredictable Tribal Council, the target on the king’s back couldn’t be bigger.

But this isn’t George’s first rodeo, and having aligned himself with Shonee, they decided to not only swing Gerry to vote with them, but also blindside Paige by playing one of Shonee’s Idols.

Speaking to 10 Play, Paige said she went in blind, having no idea about Survivor and having never watched the show. “I definitely thought it was a challenge I can take on,” she added, “I am good entertainment so why not!”

Prior to the tribe swap, the OG Heroes had a dream run, avoiding Tribal Council for the most part and allowing them to form stronger bonds. “We were all good mates,” Paige said, “the vibe was a fun, enjoyable experience. I [was] feeling really good about my place in the tribe.”

But all that was stripped away during the “nerve-wracking” tribe swap. “Knowing I could be losing my mates was scary,” she said.

Landing on a new tribe with some major players like George and Shonee, Paige was apprehensive. “They know how to play and they play so well,” she said, adding she was “not very happy about my new tribe but I had the golden boy [Matt] and my girl Flicky.”

Though the OG Heroes had a clear majority on the new tribe, Gerry’s time with the Villains had clearly watered down his ‘Heroes strong’ mindset, and George was able to swing him over. According to Paige, that was no surprise whatsoever.

“[I] never trusted him from the start and I warned them all, they didn’t listen,” she admitted.

After Shonee gleefully pulled out her idol and played it on George’s behalf, Paige said when Jonathan revealed the first parchment with her name on it she was “absolutely shocked and gutted”.

Looking back, Paige said she’d “definitely play a bit more for myself instead of being the ‘nice guy’ and learn more by watching.

“I absolutely loved playing, I may not have won but I have won in my heart knowing I was loved and had the best experience,” she continued. “I also have my tribemates for life.”

Australian Survivor: Heroes V Villains airs Sunday - Tuesday at 7.30 on Network 10 and 10 Play on demand