All The Major Bombshells That Shook Australian Survivor This Week

When JLP has stuff up his sleeve, it's generally more than one thing. Week five of Brains V Brawn was the perfect example of just how much chaos he can cause.

The week started off wild, with Kez being booted from the show. But it wasn’t her torch being snuffed that sent Australia into a whirlwind. It was the fact that she gave her unused Immunity Idol to Flick before leaving.

We’ve done some Insta talking, tweet diving and Google searching, and two-time Australian Survivor player Nick Iadanza cleared up confusion around the move, saying it was completely within the rules.

While Kez's move wasn't out of order, a lot of fans were in two minds about it.

Following this controversy was yet another surprise, and this time it was three immunity necklaces up for grabs in the immunity challenge. Everyone worked harder during this challenge, hopeful that they could win a necklace. But in the end, it was challenge-beast Emmett, along with Andrew and Dani, who won immunity.

Then, JLP revealed that only those three would be able to cast votes at Tribal Council. So, it was scramble central for Hayley back at camp, because it was her head on the chopping block.

She desperately tried to win Emmett and Dani over, throwing George and Cara under the bus. But once Tribal Council came, there was another twist.

The three immunity winners would need to verse each other in a fire challenge and the winner would be the only person to vote. So only one vote would be cast and whoever they chose would be sent packing.

Everyone had their sights set on either Andrew or Emmett winning the fire challenge, with Dani being an underdog. But then, to everyone’s shock, she created a huge flame and was the first to burn through the rope, winning the challenge.

She voted for Baden, his torch was snuffed, and just when he thought it was all over, he came across a sign welcoming him to Redemption Rock.

Here, Baden was given a chance to get back in the game by competing against Hayley in a challenge where they had to outlast the other by hugging a log in mid-air.

A focused and strong Hayley won her spot back in the tribe and Baden was the first castaway to join Jury Villa.

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