All Stars Season Overview

Get the rundown on everything that's happened so far in Australian Survivor All Stars.

Episode Day Reward Challenge Winners Immunity Challenge Winners Votes Who Was Voted Out? Notable Moments
Ep. 24 49 -
Moana - 1
David chose Sharn to take to the top two, making Moana the last person to join Jury Villa.
SPOILER ALERT: David was crowned Sole Survivor!
Ep. 23 47 -
Brooke - 3
Sharn - 1
Brooke and David were head to head in the immunity challenge.
Ep. 22 45 -
 Tarzan - 3
Sharn - 1
After Brooke won immunity, the majority alliance had to betray one of their own.
David used his idol for himself.
Ep. 21 43 -


At Tribal Council, there was a twist. The person who thought they were on the bottom could compete in a fire challenge to win their spot back into the game.
Ep. 20 41 -
Shonee - 4
David - 3
Sharn promised to work with the Vakama Three and vote David out.
David showed Sharn his second immunity idol.
Ep. 19 39 David won a luxurious night away with Tarzan, Moana and Sharn.
Jacqui - 4
Moana - 4
Jacqui - 3
Moana - 3
Jacqui - 7
David played an idol for Tarzan.
For the first time in Australian Survivor, there was a deadlock.
Ep. 18 37 No reward challenge. - Shonee -  3
AK - 2
Zach - 4
The Survivors who were sent to Exile Beach had two challenges to compete in. Three would go through, leaving the three remaining players vulnerable during Tribal Council.
Ep. 17 35 No reward challenge.
Shonee - 2
Jacqui - 2
Zach - 1
David - 1
Zach - 2
David - 0
- At Tribal Council, another three players were sent to Exile Beach.
Ep. 16 33 David, Brooke, Moana, Sharn and Zach won a BBQ.
Moana - 3
Brooke - 3
AK - 3
- Luke Toki gave David a very emotional letter.
There was a twist at Tribal Council. The three people with the most votes were going to Exile Beach.
Ep. 15 31 No reward challenge.
Harry - 5
Jackie - 4
AK - 2
Harry had to redo the challenge which sent him to Jury Villa in Season 4.
Ep. 14 29 Lee won an advantage in the immunity challenge.
Locky - 7
Sharn - 5
MERGE time! The new tribe called themselves KaloKalo, which means 'star' in Fijian.
Tribal Council held a massive blindside, making Locky the first to join Jury Villa.
Ep. 13 27 Mokuta won BLT sandwiches and a Bloody Mary.
Nick - 7
Zach - 1
Despite having an advantage that could help Nick, Harry did not give it to him.
Ep. 12 25 No reward challenge.
Flick - 5
Shonee - 1
Harry found an advantage that enabled him to stop JLP from reading the votes, preventing an elimination.
Harry was about to use the advantage, but then AK stopped him.
Ep. 11 23 Vakama won a personalised lunch with their favourite sandwich, snack and drink. They also got a gift from home.
Phoebe - 5
Moana - 5
Phoebe - 6
Moana - 2
Phoebe told David about the idol clue she found.
David became the first player in Australian Survivor history to have two idols in his pocket.
David wanted to blindside Phoebe, so during Tribal Council, he took out his idol and showed it to everyone in an attempt to intimidate.
Nick had an advantage which gave him an extra vote, causing a tie and forcing a revote.
Ep. 10 21 Mokuta won a trip to the Survivor cake shop where only one player was allowed in at a time.
Mat - 4
Harry - 2
Shonee - 1
During the cake shop reward, Phoebe found a clue to an idol.
Ep. 9 19 Survivor Auction - both teams had $2000 to spend with a max of $500 to be auctioned per item.
John - 3
Mat - 3
Locky - 2
In the Survivor Auction, Phoebe spent $500 for a scroll which gave her everything that was at the auction and she could choose a player from the opposite tribe to join her.
David found an immunity idol.
Mat used his idol which sent John home.
Ep. 8 17 No reward challenge.
Lydia - 5
John - 3
Nick - 3
Moana - 2
Phoebe - 4
At the challenge, the teams weren't playing for tribal immunity, but each team had to play for individual immunity.
Both tribes went to Tribal Council and they had to vote someone out. Then, the two people voted out would compete in a fire challenge.
Ep. 7 15 Mokuta won "Pandoras box" and a grazing plate
Abbey - 5
Shonee - 2
Lydia - 2
Mat - 1
Uh oh, its time to mix things up. Did JLP say Tribe Swap?
Shonee and Zach left Exile Beach and joined a new tribe.
Shonee led a blindside against Abbey.
Ep. 6 13 Vakama won a delicious Italian feast at Mama's Kitchen, featuring bolognese, garlic bread and red wine.
Shonee - 5
Zach - 3
John - 1
- Shonee and Zach were sent to Exile Beach.
Ep. 5 10 Mokuta won ice cream.
Henry - 5
Shonee - 5
Shonee found an Idol clue and dug under the well to retrieve it. She used her Idol during Tribal Council to save herself from elimination.
Henry created a fake Idol and hid it in a tree at Tribal Council. Just before voting, he pretended to find it in an attempt to intimidate everyone into not voting for him.  
Ep. 4 8 Vakama won fish and chips.
Michelle - 6
Henry - 3
Sharn - 2
Mat found another Idol in front of everyone.
David created a fake Idol.
Ep. 3 6 Mokuta won hot coffee with sugar and milk.
Daisy - 4
Jacqui - 5
Moana - 2
Mat and David formed a secret alliance.
Brooke found an Idol and David came up with a way to flush it out.
Henry gave Mat his idol and Mat used it for Jacqui at Tribal Council.
Ep. 2 3 Vakama won a trip to the Survivor shop for 2 players. Phoebe and Locky went and brought back a jar of cookies, an advantage, vegetables, flint and tarp.
Jericho - 7
Daisy - 5
The cookie alliance formed.
Ep. 1 1 Mokuta won the ultimate tribe camp with an already made shelter, fire and wood.
Shane - 8
Harry - 3
Michelle - 1
During the reward challenge, Henry and Matt found an Idol clue.
At the end of Tribal Council, Henry found the Idol in a tree.