Why Jim Is The Worst Character On The Office

Jim Halpert might be considered one of the most beloved characters from The Office, and while he was the charming guy who sat across from Dwight, we can’t help but wonder what happened in later seasons.

It’s no secret that over time Jim’s bad behaviour increased to an obnoxious level.

Here’s why we think Jim is the worst character on The Office.

He’s a bully

While Jim’s pranks on Dwight seem hilarious, they went way too far on several occasions. He went out of his way to make Dwight uncomfortable at work constantly manipulating, impersonating and belittling him.

The show sets up Dwight to be the villain and Jim to be the hero, and while Dwight is no angel, Jim’s behaviour is still unprofessional and often unprovoked. Dwight is depicted as the uptight co-worker while Jim is the chill and likeable one, but when we think about it, Jim is simply a bully.

He treats women like trash

Jim is a terrible partner. An early sign that Jim isn’t the loveable goofball we thought he was started with how he treats Katy. He ended their relationship on a booze cruise and seemed to only be there to make Pam jealous. Despite being in a serious relationship with her, he did the same thing with Karen.

He treated her more like a rebound than an actual girlfriend, gaslights her and even asks Pam out within a couple of hours of dumping Karen. When he and Pam finally get together, Jim constantly shuts her down, makes big decisions without her and even makes her cry. Such a stand-up guy, right?

His superiority complex

Jim’s superiority complex is eye-roll inducing. He’s condescending, a know-it-all and acts like he’s better than everyone at the Scranton branch. These traits, in addition to his smug smile and the “The Jim Look” directly at the camera (which many people thought was cute at first), actually show how immature and arrogant he truly is.

He’s a lazy worker

What makes Jim Halpert a good worker? We’ll wait for the answer… People seem to like Jim for his “cool guy” energy and often overlook his poor work ethic. It's when he meets Dunder Mifflin Vice President Charles Minor that he begins to work hard to impress him. Like Dwight, Charles is one of the only characters who sees right through Jim, and even comments on his lack of productivity.

While his flaws are overlooked simply because he is the attractive guy from The Office, we think it’s safe to say that Jim being a total jerk has become a popular opinion among fans in recent years. Do you agree?

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