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The newly launched 10 Play channels feature channels dedicated to some of your absolute favourites. From action-packed thrillers to some of the most iconic soaps ever to grace the silver screen, you'll be spoiled for choice when it comes to hours of entertainment.

Check out the channels featuring all the classic dramas you can watch right now on 10 Play!


baywatch 10 play channels

You'll be running (in slow motion) to the couch to relive the iconic action drama that followed the lives of lifeguards patrolling the beaches of Los Angeles. Starring David Hasselhoff, Pamela Anderson, Jeremy Jackson, David Chokachi and Yasmine Bleeth, Baywatch became the most-watched television series in the world and the bright-red swimsuits became recognisable worldwide.

Beverly Hills, 90210

beverly hills 90210 10 play fast channels pluto tv

When twins Brandon and Brenda moved from Minneapolis to Beverly Hills, 90210 they suffered quite the culture shock. Following the twins and their new friends as they went from high school to college and eventually into adulthood, the beloved teen drama had an ensemble cast including Jason Priestley, Shannen Doherty, Ian Ziering, Luke Perry, Brian Austin Green, and Tori Spelling just to name a few!

Diagnosis Murder

Diagnosis Murder 10 Play channels

Diagnosis Murder was a comedy-mystery-crime drama staring the legendary Dick Van Dyke as Dr Mark Sloan, a physician who could never resist a good mystery. The cases often involved Dr Sloan's son, Detective Steve Sloan, who was played by Van Dyke's real-life son Barry.


dynasty tv show full episodes

One of the OG Soaps, Dynasty made the Carrington family a household name across the globe and followed oil tycoon Blake Carrington, and the complicated relationships that make up his empire, as well as their rivals the Colby family. Catfights, fashion, scandals, and an ensemble cast featuring legends John Forsythe, Linda Evans, and Joan Collins.

Hawaii Five-O

hawaii five o 10 play free channels

Starring Jack Lord as Steve McGarrett, Hawaii Five-O followed a fictional state police task force in Hawaii and the show's impact can still be seen today with its ubiquitous Aloha shirt still in popular circulation. McGarrett and his team worked tirelesly to rid the Hawaiian Islands of organised crime syndicates and international secret agents, leading the good Detective to utter his famous phrase, "Book 'em".


Fans of legal dramas will rejoice at the addition of Matlockstarring Andy Griffith as the titular cantankerous attorney as he attempts to uncover the truth behind crimes in question, and prove his client's innocence.

Mission Impossible

Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to head over to the Mission Impossible channel and see where it all began. Much like the beloved movies of the same name it inspired, the original series followed a small team working for the Impossible MIssions Force (IMF) as they use their sophisticated skills to maintain global peace, overthrowing dictators, toppling corrupt or hostile governments and taking down crime lords.


prisoner tv series 10 play

The iconic Aussie series Prisoner followed the inmates and staff of Wentworth Detention Centre, a women's prison, and became a worldwide sensation. The series not only focused on the incarcerated women, but also touched on some controversial topics throughout its lengthy run.

The Bold & The Beautiful Classics

bold and the beautiful classic episodes

While 10 has been home to The Bold and the Beautiful for many years, fast-tracking episodes for fans so they can keep up with the Forresters and the surrounding dramas -- now you can take it back to where it all began and relive the classic fights, scandals and hairstyles with Brooke, Ridge, Stephanie and Eric in classic episodes of the long-running soap.

The Twilight Zone

the twilight zone original old episodes 10 play

From the brilliant mind of Rod Sterling comes the iconic anthology series The Twilight Zone, from sci-fi to fantasy, psychological thriller to dystopian suspense, each episode found characters entering "the Twilight Zone" and were confronted with various unusual or disturbing circumstances. Though it began back in 1959, Sterling's series still packs an absolute punch and episodes remain as powerfully haunting now as they did when they first aired!

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