Dee-Brief The Web Series Is All Of Us

Ever come out of a long-term relationship, boozed your way through the pain and then found yourself desperately needing to swim with a hash brown? Girl, Boy, this is for you

Dee-Brief is the new female-driven dramedy coming to PEACH and 10 play that every millennial needs in their lives.

When Dee breaks up with her long-term on-again-off-again boyfriend, she does the only thing that makes sense – moves in with her parents best friend Kate.

So begins the greatest love story of all time – two people who can completely be themselves in each other’s presence, share beds, fart on each other, weep until their eyes fall out then read each other passages from their favourite books.

That’s right, it’s a story about the love between two female best friends, not the men that come into their lives.

It’s Sex and the City without much Big, or Aiden.

It’s Girls, without Marnie whining about her latest bad-choice-boyfriend for 50 minutes.

And it’s an Aussie show, set in inner-city Melbourne, written by women, for everyone (because there’s no reason why a bloke shouldn’t enjoy a story about a couple of sheilas).

We’ve all sat around with friends shooting the sh@t and making comedy out of our everyday lives while thinking how hilarious other people would find us if our dinner parties were recorded for a podcast. Well Jessica Pearce, Sarah Hickey, Alexandra Hines and Chloe Martin went one step further and made a show out of it. And it’s rad.

Watch the whole of Dee-Brief in one sitting, 9.00 this Friday on PEACH

And binge watch Dee-Brief on 10 play any time after that

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