CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Is Coming To 10 Play

Binge watch every episode of the show that started an empire on 10 Play on demand from December 1.

If you have fond memories of flicking on the TV after dinner and hearing the iconic melody of The Who’s ‘Who Are You’, then you’re in good company. They were simpler times – TV's were still boxes, Justin Bieber had a side sweep and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation was the prime-time show. 16 seasons, 4 spin-offs, countless guest-stars and a million-dollar franchise later and CSI has pioneered the world of police procedural shows.

Debuting in October 2000 and starring the likes of William Petersen, Marg Helgenberger and Gary Dourdan, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation became instantly popular. Featuring a team of blood-spatter analysts, DNA specialists and entomologists, the CSI squad would attempt to solve some harrowing deaths and crimes.

Providing a stylistic insight into the world of forensic investigation, CSI spotlighted corpses, crime-scene evidence and hi-tech gadgets in the famous moody blue filters and slow-burn shots. Combing super technical jargon with some ridiculously good-looking forensic investigators, some would say the show made science sexy.

Rounded out with some super juicy workplace drama and romances, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation perfectly scratches that specific crime-drama itch. The one that surfaces on a rainy Friday evening and is only soothed by 40 minutes of corpses, blood spatters and a forensic scientist with ridiculously perfect teeth spitting iconic one-liners on the graveyard shift.

For your binge-watching pleasure, every single episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation is dropping on 10 Play from December 1. Take a walk down memory lane and sink your teeth into the iconic OG CSI. Starring some top-quality guest actors including The Biebs in his Baby era and a young Taylor Swift, this is some nostalgic viewing you do not want to miss.

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