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Woman Heroically Catches Dog Falling Out Of A Window

Every pet owner's nightmare is their pet being hurt, and this woman saved her dog, who fell out of a window with a perfectly timed catch.

Rachel Green, (not the friends character) from Hawkinge, Kent made headlines with a viral clip her door camera captured of her catching her pet from an upstairs window.

Green was receiving a parcel when she noticed an upstairs window opening, the owner looked up and shouted up at the dog to get back, but by this time, it was too late, and she's already fallen out of the window.

Luckily, Green manages to make it over in time and catches the free-falling pooch just before she hits the ground.

Speaking to LadBible, Green explained that during the pandemic with work from home, her dog had been a little more attached to her than normal. However, she did not expect this extent of attachment.

"Main thing is, my dog is absolutely fine and suffered nothing more than a sore leg for a couple of hours. Lucky!" she added.

[video width="624" height="480" mp4="https://tendaily-prod-images.s3.ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com/2022/05/10/5575af1bea22500602e984e90948f419-1147169.mp4"][/video]