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Today Is Twosday!

Today’s date is taking the world by storm.

Today is Twosday the 22/2/22!

It’s a date that’s both a palindrome – meaning it can be read backwards, and also an ambigram – meaning it can be read upside down.

There hasn’t been a number this exciting since I entered 58008 into an upside-down calculator in year 9.

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Twosday is celebrated around the world with cheap restaurant deals, and astrological nonsense. In astrology, the number two signifies the union of two people or two ideas and is a day about collaboration and community.

This might explain the large number of people getting married on this momentous day. Brisbane in Queensland is calling them Twosday weddings.

Best part is if you really commit and only invite two guests it should be a cheap wedding.

Even Google is getting involved in the celebrations, head over there and search ‘Twosday’ to be rewarded with an eruption of confetti and twos on your screen.

So if you’re not two busy why not get amongst the fun.

Maybe go on a double date? Or chuck on 2 fast, 2 furious. Or order 2 pizzas just for yourself – go on, you’ve totally not earned it because it's just a random event we have no control over but it seems like a good excuse to indulge in some fun.

Two True.