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The 'Python Cowboy' Makes Catch Of A Lifetime

A Florida man known as the “Python Cowboy” captured a 5-meter python!

Forget Joe Exotic, we’ve got a new exotic animal wrangler on the scene. His name is Mike Kimmel, aka “Python Cowboy!” He is the owner of Martin County Trapping & Wildlife Rescue in Florida, and a state contracted invasive wildlife agent. It’s basically a fancy way of saying he removes invasive animals that threaten native species.

He’s been making headlines after he went looking for a Burmese python, and ended up finding something much more terrifying- a 5-meter monster python! Yeah, maybe stop reading now if you suffer from the slither creeps.

They're always in the last place you look, via giphy.com

He caught the whole ordeal on camera, which includes some intense Steve Irwin-esque wrestling, and yep, you guessed it, a vicious bite! It’s basically a real-life version of Anaconda. To be clear, Anaconda the movie, not Anaconda the Nicki Minaj video clip.

The Python Cowboy is still awaiting official measurements from state authorities, to determine if it’s possibly the largest python ever caught in Florida, which currently stands at a lengthy 5-and-a-half meters.

The origins of these pythons in Florida is thought to be the result of pet owners abandoning them once they became too large. Who would’ve thought there would be a downside to owning a python! Or any wild creature for that matter...

Joe Exotic paving the way for Python Cowboy, via giphy.com

After sadly euthanising the snake, he said he’ll be selling its skin on his website. It still won’t compare to the amount of money he’ll make when he sells his six-part docuseries to Netflix! 'Python King!' Coming to Netflix in 2021.