Plane Passenger's Coat Faux Pas Triggers The Internet

One Reddit poster has ruffled the feathers of internet-goers after posting a photo of a Delta Air Lines passenger's fur-lined winter jacket covering the TV screen of the passenger behind, captioned "Ready to get triggered?"

"A very old woman was wheelchair'd onto the plane, and she was with a family member (probably a son), and it took two airport employees to carry her in to the middle seat," the Reddit user wrote.

"I actually had to leave my row to give them space to maneuver," they explained. "Then her family member proceeded to make it more comfortable to her by putting her gigantic jacket over the seat, resulting in what you saw here.”

While the family had done their best to make their family member comfortable, in doing so, they'd entirely covered the screen of the middle seat passenger behind them. The poster revealed that the passenger affected "said she wasn't going to say anything, so neither did I. But she had to sadly just scroll instagram and text for an entire 4 hour flight."

"This definitely triggered me," one Reddit user commented. "Nobody is that clueless, it was done on purpose and nothing can convince me otherwise. They counted on the person behind being passive …" one Reddit user commented.

"People go through life in their own bubble," another added. "I'd put my whole yogurt in that hood", a less understanding user wrote.

While the original poster and the screenless middle-seat passenger didn't dream of confronting the old lady, not all Reddit users shared their passive nature.

"What's wrong with: "Excuse me, your jacket is blocking my screen. Can you please reposition it?" one user asked.

"Excuse me, could you please move your coat? Thanks", another put simply.

The original poster said that they wish a Flight Attendant "had said something, because this is a situation where no one is going to say anything to a very old lady. But I also feel bad for the middle pax for being in an awkward situation."