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Fancy A Contraceptive Testicle Bath? Future You Could Be In Luck

A 'testicle bath' which zaps sperm with ultrasound waves is hoped to revolutionise male contraception.

At the very least, it would revolutionise testicle hygiene.

The conceptual device works by placing the testicles into a small bowl-like gadget, which gets filled with water. It then emits ultrasound waves that limit sperm production and mobility for up to two months.

The water heats up to the temperature of a warm bath, so it’s also a great way for your testicles to unwind after a long day.

The proposed product, known as COSO, is painless and reversible. It’s estimated that fertility would return to normal six months after the last treatment.

This man appears to be only bathing his testicles, ahead of his time? (IMAGE: GETTY IMAGES, Image Source)

Before you get too excited about this baby stopping ball jacuzzi, it won’t be available until extensive clinical studies are completed.

Designer Rebecca Weiss, from Munich, says the device is way off being on the market. So far, the technology has only been trialed on animals. So, let’s hope that monkey balls and human balls have a lot in common.

Despite only being a concept, Mrs Weiss said the interest in the product has been 'overwhelming'. Which is not surprising, given how popular foot spas are, and they can’t even stop you from getting pregnant.

To raise awareness about male contraceptive alternatives, the hypothetical product was presented in a realistic way on the website and Instagram. She said 'This strategy was so successful that many potential participants in the study and people interested in buying the product contacted us from all over the world'.

It would certainly be a groundbreaking product, so it’s no wonder there’s so many people trying to get their balls into one.