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Expert Reveals 20 Words Women Know That Men Don’t

A recent study vocabulary test discovered the words women know, but men don’t, and vice versa. 

Professor Marc Brysbaert, director of the Centre for Reading Research, analysed the results of a vocab test from Ghent University, which tested the number of words people knew. Around 220,000 people took part in an online vocabulary test. The results have become heavily debated on Twitter, with the list of words that women are more familiar with than men and vice versa.

To put the results to the test, below are both lists. We won’t tell you which is the male or female list until the end. Keep count of how many words you know from ‘List 1’ Vs. ‘List 2’. We’ll let you know which list is which at the end. There are 20 words in each list.

List 1:

• Howitzer

• Thermistor

• Azimuth

• Femtosecond

• Milliamp

• Aileron

• Kohl

• Degauss

• Boson

• Checksum

• Piezoelectricity

• Gauss

• Katana

• Shemale

• Neodymium

• Yakuza

• Teraflop

• Strafe

• Parsec

• Bushido

List 2:

• Peplum

• Tulle

• Chignon

• Bandeau

• Freesia

• Chenille

• Kohl

• Verbena

• Doula

• Ruche

• Espadrille

• Jacquard

• Damask

• Whipstitch

• Boucle

• Taffeta

• Sateen

• Chambray

• Pessary

• Voile

Before we reveal which list is which. Below is the data of the Male Vs. Female results.

Data from: https://link.springer.com/article/10.3758/s13428-018-1077-9/tables/2

If you haven’t worked it out by now, List 1 was Male. List 2 was Female.