Divorce Rings Are Gaining Popularity Among Newly Single Women

Divorce rings are gaining popularity as a stylish way to repurpose engagement or wedding rings after a marriage ends.

Choosing a wedding ring can be tough. You are potentially going to wear this ring for the rest of your life; it needs to look nice but not be too over the top. 

I suppose if you don’t like the ring, you can always just get divorced, but then you are presented with a brand new problem… choosing a divorce ring.

According to The New York Times, divorce rings are a thing now, gaining popularity after model Emily Ratajkowski shared photos of her Divorce rings on Instagram. 

She remodelled the engagement rings she received from her ex-husband (film producer Sebastian Bear-McClard) into two brand new beautiful divorce bands. 

The post was incredibly popular, with over 1.1 million likes as of writing.

But some people in the comments weren’t so keen and, as usual, unreasonably judgmental, with one person commenting, "Divorce is not an accomplishment; it is a personal failure," and another one saying, "Divorce isn’t trendy or cool. This is so wack." 

To be fair, using the word ‘wack’ in 2024 is arguably quite ‘wack’.

But who cares? If you want to buy jewellery to celebrate any occasion, go for it. Why should your old engagement or wedding rings go to waste? Change the way Divorce is perceived.

As Ratajkowski explained to The New York Times, “I would like there to be a perspective that allows space for the fact that leaving a relationship is often a remarkable and brave act”.

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