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Cadbury Takes A Leap With New Freddo Frog Design

Freddo has entered the third dimension.

When you feel like a small amount of chocolate and the shops are completely sold out of Caramello Koalas, Yowies or Bertie Beatles – every Aussie knows it’s time to reach for a Freddo.

This amphibious little treat that slips between your couch cushions and is fourth prize at running races has been a confectionary standard for nearly 90 years. Other than some new flavors, the design of the frog has mostly remained unchanged.

Until now.

Freddo with his creator, the late Harry Melbourne. Source: AAP.

Yep, Cadbury has announced they’ve decided to mess with something that already works perfectly fine and take a risk with a brand new Freddo. Say goodbye to the flat back molded creature and say hello to a 3-dimensional candy-filled croaker.

Resembling a Kinder Surprise or Easter bunny, it will now be hollow on the inside but filled with little colorful lolly animals, just like a real frog. Freddo will have different costumes too, and go on all sorts of fun toad adventures (I assume).

This could potentially just be another entry in the long lists of redesigns or new recipes created by companies. Who could forget Vegemite’s iSnack 2.0, the disastrous New Coke, or the more recent freakish re-design of Sonic the Hedgehog?

You flew too close to the sun.

As always, fans will get upset and demand the original be brought back or boycott the new alternative. Everyone will embrace the original once more, sales of the product will go up, and the corporate cycle continues.