The Inspired Unemployed's (Impractical) Jokers Launches With A Bang

As their brand-new series launches this week, Jack, Falcon, Liam and Dom hit Sydney for a launch party.

Debuting on Wednesday, August 9 on Paramount +, 10 and 10 Play, The Inspired Unemployed's (Impractical) Jokers will have you howling as the social media superstars tackle TV in their first series.

Based on the globally adored Impractical Jokers series in the US, the Inspired Unemployed bring their own spin to the hidden camera series that will have you cringing, crying, and laughing for days.

Watch as they try their hand as receptionists and wellness gurus, all the while getting told what to say via an earpiece. With no one else in on the joke, the foursome competes to embarrass each other in the biggest way possible, with those failing at the task given a humiliating punishment.

On Tuesday night the four boys welcomed friends, family and guests to preview an episode in Sydney -- and got up to some of their antics for a little taste of what's to come.

As we all know, any big wheel that includes options like "electric shock" and "waxing" is always a recipe for the best kind of disaster.

The Inspired Unemployed 10 & Paramount+ Launch Event - Jack, Dom, Falcon & Liam (2)
The Inspired Unemployed 10 & Paramount+ Launch Event (11)

Ahead of the show launching Jack said that for the last few years, the team had always viewed TV as an end goal. "We did have opportunities for the last two-three years, but we turned them down because we knew we weren't ready," he continued.

"Now we were like, we're ready! We've done the podcast, we've done the videos for enough, we've done a lot in front of the camera and we feel like our skills are maybe up to that point. It all just worked out, the format of the show worked out perfect for who we are," Jack continued.

The Inspired Unemployed 10 & Paramount+ Launch Event - Dom
The Inspired Unemployed 10 & Paramount+ Launch Event - The Enmore Theatre (3)
The Inspired Unemployed 10 & Paramount+ Launch Event - Dom, Jack, Falcon & Liam

The Inspired Unemployed's (Impractical) Jokers premieres 8.30 on 10 and 10 Play, or stream the entire series on Paramount+